KiwiCo Halloween Crate Review & Coupon – GLOWING HORN UNICORN

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KiwiCo Family is currently offering Halloween crates, featuring creative Halloween-themed projects that fuse science and art! These KiwiCo projects are ideal for kids ages 5 and above. All the materials are included, as well as easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions plus clear illustrations. They even provide a series of explanations to illuminate how everything works.

This is the review of GLOWING HORN UNICORN, one of the new KiwiCo Halloween Costumes available. It costs $29.95. The other costumes are Chomping Mechanical Dinosaur, Light Up Wings, Light Up Alien Spaceship, and Glowing Wand and Crown.

Build a unicorn costume with a majestic mane, a noble snout, and a horn that glows! Contains everything you need to make a unicorn head with matching tail. Learn how to craft with felt, shiny sheets, and lights; and read about the science behind iridescence and the animals that inspired the unicorn myth — all while getting your neigh on.

All of the craft supplies from the Crate. You really need very little from home to do the crafts.

Everything in the box!

The booklet is the actual instruction booklet for the project.

The first page of the booklet lists all the materials included in this crate: brads, wiggle eyes, rubber bands, felt nose, shiny horn, felt ears, tulle, felt head, sticky felt, stretchy cord, gold cord, fabric strap, pipe cleaners, and LED light. Only a pair of scissors is not included in the crate, but often the pieces are pre-cut, scored, or otherwise prepared for you already.

Unicorns are believed to be mythical creatures, but the booklet provided some information on real life unicorns. They’re the rhino and the narwhal!

The guide includes easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions that the kids can just copy. And for the first part of the project, we’re making the unicorn head, it serves as the base of the whole project. Part A is building its nose.

For this part, we’ll need the brads and the felt nose.

After folding flaps over flaps, shed connected the holes with the brads.

Part B is to make the head that’ll be connected to the nose. Here we can make use of the brads to connect the proper parts of the felt head. Like the nose, we overlap specific flaps, and secure them with the brads.

Part C is making the Unicorn head look gorgeous!

We use the brads again, plus sticky felt, felt ears, stretchy cord, pipe cleaner, wiggle eyes, LED light, rubber bands, tulle, shiny horn, and of course, the completed head.

The first one my daughter attached are the unicorn’s ears.

Then, she attached the googly wiggly eyes! It looks adorable!

Before attaching the LED light to the shiny horn, we tested it out if it lights up, and it did! It’s so bright too!

Look how dazzling the horn looks with the LED light on!

She also added a colorful and majestic mane to the unicorn head! There was also a felt sticky sheet to cut out and customize your unicorn’s beauty marks however you’d like!

The tulles consist of lovely colors, hello rainbow unicorn! ?

With the help of the pipe cleaners, she attached the majestic mane to the finished head.

Using also the tulle, the rainbow unicorn tail was made in a snap!

The booklet also explains the phenomenon behind the shiny and glowing horn, which is Iridescence.

Here’s the finished majestic and glowing horn unicorn head!

My daughter tried it out, and she looks magnificent. (Her unicorn outfit to match? All her! Grab the unicorn leggings at Target – the shirt is from Rockets of Awesome!)

I love that cute detail she added on the unicorn’s cheeks! The little blue heart looks lovely!

We finally spotted one of our favorite creatures!

My daughter is definitely having fun!

I love how shiny the horn is!

The shirt says what kind of unicorn she’s portraying! A glitter unicorn!

Hey gorgeous! Where are you heading?

I love how its mane and tail are flowing with the wind! It sure is a majestic craft that our whole family loved!

We love UNICORNS, and there’s no doubt that we’re all excited about this costume! I have to tell you that my 9 year old daughter trembled and beamed when she discovered what we were working on. I basically won mom of the year for Halloween.

Aside from providing all the materials needed, this crate also provided trivia and facts about the subject, plus they also included lessons about iridescence. Everything was super fun, and easy for the kids to fully understand the concept and execute – my daughter built her entire costume herself! You can see how my daughter enjoyed her new costume, she’s ready to spread love and color to those who believe in this creature’s existence and beauty! If you would like to introduce your kids to science by doing some arts and crafts this Halloween, you should definitely check out KiwiCo Halloween Costumes!!

What do you think of the KiwiCo Halloween Crate? You can pick up this project here. If you want more, use this link to save 30% on your first box of any KiwiCo family box!


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    So cute, what a neat costume kit!