Bokksu September 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Bokksu is a premium snack box that features authentic Japanese snacks, as well as a tea pairing to go with it. The items are what you can’t easily find here across the pond, so trying them is a real treat and always a fun experience!

Septembers’s theme is Kyushu Kitchen. It looks like all new products which means a smorgasbord of treats for my family. This region is famous for the Melon of Kumamoto which makes me that much more excited to travel into this box.

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Romance Sandwich. The cake-like biscuits of this Romance Sandwich are flavored with hone and baked with sugar pearls sprinkled on top. In between is a thin layer of sugar paste filling. For me this sandwich cookie was way too sweet, even a drink of water didn’t cut the sweetness. My daughter on the other hand was a huge fan of the sweetness but said it was too dry. This sandwich crumbled all over the place leaving a literal cookie trail. I did like the fun fact that this is given as a souvenir because there is no better way to tell someone you are sweet on them. 

Kakinotane Yuzu Pepper. Typically enjoyed with beer, kakinotane is a popular snack mix of peanuts and crescent-shaped senbei. This is a lovely pairing, the pepper gives just enough kick. The crunch is so much better than just peanuts, this is a snack I think the US needs to get behind. 

Kumamoto Melon Langue de Chat. Look at the cute mascot! This is a square butter cookie filled with aromatic melons from Kumamto. This is a perfect combination of sweet and buttery. I have loved every flavor of Langue de Chat that Bokksu has sent me but I think this might be my favorite. I would never think to add melon into a cookie but I sure am glad someone thought of it for me.

Pione Grape Chocolate Crunch. White chocolate, puffed rice and “Black Pearl” grape come together in this delicate bar. Pione Grapes are prized for their juicy sweetness, these grapes give the bar a light, fruity flavor without being over-powering. I’m a huge wine lover so the fact that this bar smells like a freshly poured glass was a hit in my book, with that said it might be the only redeeming quality in my opinion. The white chocolate was too sweet for me and the grape flavor was very bold. My taste buds have changed in the last few weeks so I will say that it was very nice to actually taste my food. 

Kurobo Meimon. This begins as a dough sweetened with brown sugar, once baked it is doused in a delicious brown sugar syrup. It’s shaped like Biscotti but it’s not super crunchy. The outer layer has some crunch but the inner layer is sinfully sweet and soft. I was pleasantly surprised with this snack as I was thinking it was going to be way too sweet but it’s perfection. I am so glad that Bossku tasted many of these snacks before sending me the best and highest quality treat out there. 

Uni Rice Crackers. Fried crackers flavored from uni (sea urchin) and soy sauce. It’s savory and salty without being overly fishy. The crackers have a unique oblong shape to look more like the actual sea urchin. In my opinion the fish taste didn’t hit until a few seconds after the bit was gone, I wish there was a little more bolder soy sauce flavor but over all this was a fun snack.

Oita Kabosu Sable. This is a French shortbread cookie that is crisp and buttery. This one is shaped like a kabosu fruit, a citrus native to Oita Prefecture that is an expensive delicacy outside of the prefecture. The tart juice and zest make a perfect flavor complement to the rich shortbread flavor. This cookie is perfectly baked and has just the right crisp and crumbly texture. I think I am in love with this new citrus fruit, I love that this box presents new flavors and challenges my taste buds. 

Saga Brown Sugar Marubouro. It looks like a cookie but has the texture of a cake, the sweetness comes from brown sugar. I love brown sugar and cake, well pretty much any sweet treat but this blew my mind. It’s so balanced that you can eat the entire treat but not over indulge because it would become too sweet. This is a perfect afternoon pick me up. 

Mentai Curry Karinto. This fried dough snack is coated with a sweet mentai curry flavored sauce. I really enjoyed the extra spice to this snack. With all the fish in this snack I was pleasantly surprised I couldn’t taste it at all. I would highly recommend this snack to all my foodie family and friends.

Strawberry Kirara. Two perfectly crisp, pink strawberry cookies sandwich a lush layer of fluffy strawberry cream. The creamy layer has crunchy corn flakes and bits of freeze-dried Amaou strawberries. Holy cow! By far the best snack of the box, I could eat this snack everyday and never get sick of them. I can easily see why the Amaou strawberries have become the most highly-valued strawberries throughout all of Japan. 

Okukirishima Tea. This tea has subtle sweet notes and a rich, full-bodied silky mouthfeel. It’s elegant but still perfect for a first morning cup.

Bokksu is a fun way to travel to Japan without leaving the comfort of my home. I love that there is a lesson to go with my food so I feel I get a well-rounded experience. I would recommend this box to all of my traveling foodie friends and family. I am always surprised by the great products they are able to fit into this small orange box. I’m also surprised how neatly everything is arranged so I have very little breakage on my bigger products. Bokksu is easily one of the best food boxes to subscribe to and perhaps the most fun.

What’s your favorite snack from this month’s box?

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