VetPet Box Cat April 2018 Subscription Box Review – Multiple Cats

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VetPet Box Cat & Kitten is a wellness service that offers dog and cat boxes curated by veterinarians and their pets. Expect to receive high-quality toys, treats, wellness products, and educational materials. You can customize the cat box by selecting single or multiple cat, allergies (if any), and opt to fill out an extended questionnaire. VetPet Box also gives back annually a portion of the profits to nonprofit organizations.

The inside cover has a short letter from the VetPet Box Team.


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I already know that the cats are going to love this box. Feathers!

The information card lists the items, descriptions, and prices on the card.

The flip side lists the Wellness items, description, and prices.

Here are the items in the April VetPet Multi Cat Box. The items are based on my cats’ profile and may not match your box.

My kitties’ profile is multiple cats, no allergies. The kitties are eager to begin reviewing!

Not a single cat would pose with the Le Salon Essentials Claw Scissors for Cats ($7.49 info card, $4.25 Amazon). There are directions on the back on how to clip their nails. They forgot to mention that kitties do not like to have their nails clip. It is suggested that a cautery substance be in your first aid kit in case there is bleeding.

VetPet Box anticipated the need of accidentally hitting the quick by including the Kwick Stop Styptic Powder (0.5 oz, $11.99 Info card, $3.79 Chewy). I’ve used it before to stopped Bella’s nail from bleeding. It works quick!

The kitties loved the Catit Self Groomer with Catnip ($7.49 info card, $7.98 Amazon.) Fill the sides with catnip and mount it on the wall.

VetPet Box kindly taped two sample packets of the cats’ all-time favorite From the Field Ultimate Blend Silver Vine and Catnip Mix.

Sheba is purring as J, our nine-year-old son, brushes her. It defeats the purpose of it being a self-groomer, but I am not going to tell him that!

J is quite pleased that VetPet Box sent two Made in the USA Kitty Kopeter by Go Cat ($6.99 ea info card, $7.45 Amazon). The kitties will be excited to chase after the handcrafted toys.

Sheba did not want to give up her toys. She was a busy kitty holding onto one while bunny kicking the other toy.

All the kitties love the Made in the USA Yeowww! Catnip Pillow ($5.95 info card, $6.47 Amazon.) The pillow is made from cotton twill on the front and a fuzzy fabric on the back. It is stuffed full of organic catnip goodness.

Whiskers took a break from playing with the Kitty Kopter to watch me take a picture of Sylvester, her son, licking the catnip pillow.

The cats were full of purrs while waiting for me to feed them the Made in Canada Wild Pacific Herring Steaks and the Wild Pacific Salmon Snacks ($6.49 ea, $12.98 total.) It is free of preservatives, additives, coloring and artificial flavors. The single ingredient treats were a huge hit with the cats.

Whiskers is ready to apply to be a spokescat for the brand.

The Made in China Catnip Infused IncrediBubbles ($4.99) were J’s favorite item in the box.

The cats were unsure of what to think about the bubbles. Sylvester jumped into the cubicle as a bubble chased him.

Blowing hard and keeping them in the air creates durable bubbles.

Phoenix and Sheba kept staring at the bubbles until they popped.

Education is an essential part of the VetPet Box experience. This month’s vet-authored pamphlet discussed feline hyperthyroidism. J and I read it together and checked our cats’ coats and weights.

The back side included a letter from the curator describing this month’s theme and also a thank you note for purchasing VetPet Box.

Here are a few more kitty pictures! The cats prefer that I take their pictures in natural light.

Sheba looks high on catnip! She had a blast playing with her toys.

Whiskers is having fun playing with the Kitty Kopter. Feather toys are her favorite.

Sylvester is ready for his favorite part of the review while Whiskers is daring me to steal her toy. She wants to keep playing.

She decided that eating treats were fun too.

She also loved being brushed with the Self Groomer. We have to brush her every day, otherwise, she sheds everywhere.

Noticed how Sylvester has tucked in his tail. Sheba kept inching closer and closer to him as she was being brushed. He was annoyed that she decided to touch his back paw. She is covered in catnip from the Self Groomer because we used it as a brush.

Phoenix was fascinated by the bubble while Sheba kept watching J blow more to them,

We enjoyed watching their reactions. They seem satisfied in watching but not touching the bubbles.

The April VetPet Box brought much happiness to the kitties. They thought their toys and treats were purrfect. We were excited to see the Yeowww! catnip pillow in the box because we do purchase Yeowww! products as special treats for our kitties They enjoyed being brushed by the meowvelous Self Groomer. We will be using the claw scissors to cut their nails knowing that we have the Kwick Stop Stypic Powder on hand for emergencies. The vet-authored educational brochure added to our knowledge by describing symptoms of feline hyperthyroidism. VetPetBox differentiates itself from other cat boxes by being a wellness-centered box curated by veterinarians. It’s an excellent customizable box for kitties and their parents that are seeking wellness, toys, education, and treats from a vet’s perspective and their pets.

What do you think of this month’s box?

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