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LAST FEW DAYS to subscribe for the August 2018 Beauty Box from Boxwalla! Read our full review here! Get it before 8/5!

The theme for August’s Beauty Box is ‘Lean on Me‘ and there will be ONE full-size items from African Botanics!

This August we showcase the skincare brand African Botanics, founded by the husband & wife duo of Julia & Craig Noik in 2012. The creation of African Botanics was inspired by Julia & Craig’s experience with indigenous South African ingredients that have been used for centuries in South Africa, to protect the skin against harsh weather conditions. They choose extraordinarily high quality ingredients, sustainably sourced from places where they grow wild in unpolluted environments, untouched by any farming method or human interference. These wild harvested ingredients are then married to cutting edge technology to achieve a skincare experience that feels both luxuriously wholesome &  revolutionary.

The August Beauty Box will contain a full size of the exquisite Fleurs D’Afrique Oil Serum ($250)

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I am so excited for you all to experience this gorgeous product in August (turn up the volume & watch). @africanbotanics’ Fleurs D’Afrique Oil is filled with such gorgeous ingredients (I really have to dream up a new adjective to describe this oil-based serum to avoid the risk of overusing the word gorgeous. But it is just so GAWJUS). Each ingredient that has been chosen is so exquisite, yes, & powerful & effective. But also each ingredient works synergistically to optimize the overall potency of this serum. The first couple of times I used it, it literally felt like somebody had hidden a light bulb in my skin (After that? Well, I got used to the glow. Just kidding. About the ‘getting used to’ part. Not kidding about the glow!). Fleurs is filled with exquisite ingredients : adaptogenic African bush & desert plants like the resurrection plant, honey bush, bulbinella (that are rich in antihistamines & so soothing to the skin), baobab flowers, vitamin c ester, jasmine, rose & more. But today I wanted to tell you a little bit about the blue micro-algae extract in this serum. I was curious about the use of this ingredient & asked Julia @africanbotanics why she chose to use it & what it does in this formulation. She said, “We chose Marine Blue Micro-Algae for its wealth of skincare benefits & also because it comes from a sustainable source. Sourced from the French Riviera, this micro-algae has a powerful anti-wrinkle effect & stimulates both cellular proliferation in the dermis & production of structural proteins by fibroblasts. It is rich in amino acids, omega 3 (EPA), caretenoids, peptides, sterols, minerals, vitamins (A, E, B1 & B3) & is a powerful antioxidant that acts to remove free radicals & helps prevent cell structure damage in the dermal layers. It also stimulates the synthesis of collagen & elastin”. 😍 . Micro-algae are among the most ancient life forms on earth. They are a fantastic source of nutrients (& have in the past provided relief during famine). The benefits of micro-algae stems from the fact that they have evolved over billions of years to survive in extreme environments. The secondary matabolites they produce happen to be really good for skin!

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The Fleurs D’Afrique Oil Serum contains wild-harvested marula oil bottled at the source, night blooming flowers from ancient baobab trees, intoxicating jasmine & rose, powerful resurrection extract, marine blue micro-algae sustainably sourced from the French Riviera, vegetable-derived retinol liposome, and so much more. African Botanics has created an incomparably beautiful feather-light elixir, by sourcing the most exquisite bounty from the natural world & gilding it so thoughtfully, with the latest scientific technology.

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