The Deadbolt Mystery Society – March 2018 Review

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The Deadbolt Mystery Society lets subscribers become a detective from the comfort of their own living room! With this new mystery-in-a-box series, you can join the ranks of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot by combing through witness reports, examining evidence, and eliminating suspects until you have closed the case!

Subscriptions are taken throughout the month and boxes are shipped out by the 4th of the following month. Boxes start at $24.99 a month.

Everything you need to solve a crime all in one convenient box. The attention to detail is uncanny, I love it!

Suspect/Victim cards with hints on the back of each card. What’s great about these cards is that I can tack them in order and use yarn to connect the dots. I like crime shows, old and new… they have built my confidence in being able to break any case.

A hotel room key…

Follow them on Facebook and connect with a group of other sleuths.

Get help if you happen to get stuck on a puzzle… this is going to be a lifesaver!

A letter from the mayor saying it was urgent. It gives a quick run down of the crime that has the town on high alert. Our mission is to connect the suspects to the correct rooms and find the guilty party.

Detective notes! Everything the head detective has gathered all at our finger tips. Includes…

Surveillance notes as well. This brought hair raising tingles to my body and I am so excited.

A room tag, that I feel the easy as 1-2-3 is mocking my attempts to figure out who committed the crime.

This is a fascinating subscription box. I have a slight obsession with murders and crimes, getting to solve them on my own time might be like Christmas in March for me. I’d love to tell you who the guilty party is but I’m still working on it. And let me tell you I have been working on it to the point of dreaming about the puzzle. I refuse to ask the group for help though… I am a strong independent woman.

What do you think of this new mystery-in-a-box series?

Visit The Deadbolt Mystery Society to subscribe or find out more!


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