Firefly Cargo Crate March-April 2018 Review + Coupon

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Loot Crate Firefly Cargo Crate comes every other month and each box has a theme to a character from the show/movie. The theme this month is Still Flying. This box again came a little late but much closer to on time then the last couple.

First look into my box. There isn’t much packing to these box with the flat paper items on the bottom to keep them a little safer from wrinkling and the rest of the products just sitting on top.

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Everything in my crate this month.

The Firefly crate does not just send an info card but they send a whole mini magazine called You Can’t Stop the Signal. You Can’t Stop the Signal is a big part of the Serenity movie and it talks about all the info in the verse so it is a great title for the information booklet. It gives information on the items in the crate and other behind the scenes stories and interviews.

The Signal starts with a note from Loot Crate. They tell us this will be the final issue of the signal. As they are transitioning into season 2, they will have a new informational format with future boxes.

The booklet lists all the cargo in the crate and a little info on each one.

Big Damn Heroes Tee – I love this shirt. Overall, the shirts in all the crates have been a big win for me. A couple weren’t exactly my taste but I’ve always liked the designs and the quality is fantastic. This is a great way to go out with a bang and showing an all over Firefly love.

Exclusive Still Flying Wavecard – Wavecards are how you call people in the verse and this fun one can be sent in our verse as a postcard. I keep all of these and plan to display them somehow but I really love the colors and look of this one.

Exclusive Still Flying Travel Sticker – A great sticker that lets everyone know that though she is tore up plenty, she’ll fly true no matter where the journey take you.

Big Damn Heroes Pin – I like that the same design from the shirt is in the pin this month. I liked it on the tee and I like it here just as well.

Firefly Poster Set – I was very intrigued by what this was. I pulled it out before looking at the info and wasn’t sure. It was nice and thick and I knew it was a bunch of posters. These posters are all in the art nouveau style by Megan Lara.

First up is Simon and River Tam. The brother and sister who catch a ride about the Serenity. They are also the drive for the follow up movie of the series.

Then Zoe and Hoban “Wash” Washburne. They are an unlikely married couple but it keeps the realistic love alive in the verse.

Inara and Shepherd Book are as far from each other as they could be or are they? We never really got Shepherd Books full backstory but I would have loved to see that explored if we had gotten future seasons.

Kaylee and Jayne are the main staff of the Serenity. Kaylee is the mechanic extraordinary and she keeps the ship up in the air. Jayne is more a muscle guy for the heists that keep money in their pockets and gas in the ship.

Then let’s finish up with Mal. He is the heart and soul of the whole show and the captain of our rag tag crew.

Engineered by Firefly Plaque – This plaque is nice that thick and will look great with my other Firefly goodies.

Loot Crate Firefly Cargo Crate sent just an ok box to me this month. I can’t help but feel that something was missing and I wish that for the last box of this season of crates they would have went out with a bang. While I like everything in this crate this month there wasn’t that one item that just really wowed me. I can’t wait to see how they move on with Season 2 of the crates.

The theme for the next crate has already been announced: Shindig.

Join us for a mighty fine SHINDIG alongside our favorite mechanic, Ms. Kaywinnet Lee Frye, to celebrate “season 2” with an exclusive, never-before-seen Kaylee Little Damn Heroes Mini Master and more. Order by 5/15 at 9pm PT. Supplies are limited.

What do you think of this month’s box?

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  • Tabitha

    So pretty much, the only change from prior months is the plaque and a set of cheap posters. This was supposed to be a “wow” box according to Loot Crate. I am sticking through the next box since it has another figure of Kaylee, but I’m glad I’ve already processed my cancellation.

    I still don’t even have my box yet. So much for the extra money we now pay for shipping.