February 2018 Yummy Bazaar Full Experience Subscription Box Review

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Yummy Bazaar is a destination food club that delivers gourmet products to your doorstep every month. With the Full Experience, you receive 6-8 full sized gourmet items from a single global destination for $35.95. There is also a Sampler subscription that sends 6-8 sample sizes from various countries for $9.95. We received the Full Experience box.

This month’s items were relatively durable, so they were just nestled together in the box.

This month’s destination is Italy. The info card features a beautiful photo taken in the country, as well as a short message from Yummy Bazaar.

Everything in my February Yummy Bazaar Full Experience Box!

Asturi Rosemary & Olive Oil Bruschettini ($3.25) It’s a bunch of bite-sized bread toasts which were baked using an age-old artisan recipe. It contains virgin olive oil, and it has no preservatives or artificial flavors.

Rosemary and olive oil is such a mouthwatering combination. It’s a perfect snack all by itself, but you can also top the toasts with cheese and other kinds of toppings. It’ll also make a great appetizer for any occasion!

Mulino Bianco Rigoli Biscuits ($3.75) These biscuits were made with milk and 100% Italian honey.

Each piece was lightly sweet yet satisfying. Although they have a rough texture, the biscuits easily melt in the mouth.  It’s a yummy snack which the kids loved too!

Paradiso Dei Golosi Dried Puttanesca Sauce ($6.95) This one is for the pasta lovers! It’s a bag of dry vegetables and spices which you can use to make the a linguine alla puttanesca Italian pasta sauce.

It has chunks of perfectly proportioned real vegetable and spices. You just have to empty the contents in a saucepan, mix with water, heat for 10-15 minutes, add flavorings, and serve over cooked pasta. I was excited to see this, and just look at those hunks of garlic!

Coluccio Bomba Calabrese Hot Spread Sauce ($6.95) This hot condiment is a combination of peperoncino in oil, pesto, chili, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, celery, artichokes, fennel, eggplant, and olives.

It is useful for a variety of Italian dishes like pasta and bruschetta. We’re even thinking of adding this to pizza! It’s not extremely hot as described, but still provides enough spicy and savory taste that makes a dish appetizing.

Marella Organic Monnezzaglia “The Left Overs” Pasta ($9.95) Italians once had a tradition of collecting uncooked pasta leftovers, which they mix together and cook once a week. Marella revived such tradition by creating this bunch of organic artisan pasta.

The packaging looks really great, as well as the mixed pasta inside. If you know someone who is crazy for pasta, it would make a great gift too.

Most of Marella’s cuts are handcrafted using traditional methods. When cooked, it produces a fragrant, flavorful pasta. It expands but still maintains its beautiful shape.

Marmellata Arance Con Scorze F.illi Chiaverini & C. ($7.60) This tub of fruit jam was made with organic oranges. You can spread it on bread or biscuits for a delicious snack, and you can also use it as an added flavor when cooking sweet and savory dishes. It tastes just like a homemade jam, and I like it!

Venchi Dark Cremino Bar ($8.80) This luscious chocolate bar consists of three extra dark layers: one layer of almond chocolate spread in between two layers of bittersweet chocolate with hazelnut. 

The back of the box indicates the ingredients, as well as the nutrition facts.

Aside from the box, it was also packaged using an elegant looking wrapper.

This dark chocolate bar can be divided into 10 smaller pieces.

The Venchi logo and a huge V in script were engraved alternately on the chocolate.

This is chocolate overload with those three layers! The almonds and hazelnut blended perfectly with dark chocolate, it’s quite addicting. This bar was gone in a flash!

Yummy Bazaar is a great way to experience and enjoy the food culture of other countries right in the comfort of your own home. The February box brought us the best of Italy, and I love all the items they sent! My favorite is definitely the triple-layered chocolate bar, while the milk and honey biscuits come in a close second. This box contained items valued at approximately $47, well above the subscription price!

Also FYI – you can skip or cancel at any time – and they will accommodate most special diets if you need. They have a $9.95 per month Mini Sampler box too! The sampler has smaller sized items, and every box sends stuff from multiple countries.

Are you getting this month’s Yummy Bazaar box?

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  • Deborah Gerhart

    I really enjoy Yummy Bazaar. The boxes usually contain products that work together to make a delicious meal. I like the option to skip a month but love this box so much I have never used that feature. I have been introduced to so many foods that I didn’t even know existed and love introducing my grandchildren to different cultures through tasty foods.