VetPet Box Cat & Kitten Welcome Box Subscription Box Review – Multiple Cats

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VetPet Box Cat & Kitten is a wellness service that offers dog and cat boxes curated by veterinarians and their pets. Expect to receive high-quality toys, treats, wellness products, and educational materials. You can customize the cat box by selecting single or multiple cat, allergies (if any), and opt to fill out an extended questionnaire. VetPet Box also gives back annually a portion of the profits to nonprofit organizations.

The inside cover has a short letter from the VetPet Box Team.


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The kitties spent a lot of time sniffing the box.

I now know why they been circling the box. It has a Yeowww! Banana toy in it which is the most prized toy in our household. They love Yeowww! toys and do not believe in sharing them.

The toys, description and prices are listed on one side of the information card.

The flip side lists the Treats, Wellness, and Education items.

Here are the items in the current Multiple Cat Welcome Box for New Subscribers. Future boxes will fall into the current rotation of topics determined by the vets based on your cat’s profile and time of year.

My kitties’ profile is multiple cats, no allergies. Garfield and Sylvester are eager to check out all the toys. Other kitties will be checking out the toys too.

Our kitties lovvvve Yeowww! Bananas ($7.49 Information Card, $5.99 Amazon) which is stuffed with organic catnip. We always purchase a Made in the USA Yeowww! toy when visiting our local pet health store. Yeowww! toys are the number one favored toy in my house. I purchased their catnip to fill their Valentine kicker toys that I was going to sew them only to have them rip the catnip bag to pieces.

Sylvester looks like a little kitten as he bunny kicks the Yeowww! banana.

It’s another favorite from our local pet health store! The Made in the USA From the Field Bella’s Blissful Hemp Pouch ($7.00 ea. $14.00 total Information  Card, $13.01 ea on Amazon) contains a powerful blend of Silver Vine and catnip wrapped in a durable hemp pouch. Silver Vine may work on cats that don’t respond to catnip. My kitties love this blend.

Garfield, 10-years-old, claimed both pouches for himself.

He enjoyed rubbing his head against the one pillow and playing with the other pillow.

J, age 9, was thrilled to see the Patchwork Pet Elite Cat Retractable Cat Wand ($10.99.) The hook that holds the toy in place was sturdy enough to withstand multiple cats playing with it. The padded handle felt comfortable in my hand.

Even Sylvester got into playing with the toy. Family members claimed to see him run and play, but all I ever seen him do is see him lay around.

The younger cats were a blur as they played with the Go Cat 3 Pack Bat Arounds (2.10 Information Card, $5.96 Amazon). The soft balls were tossed in the air and kicked around. The purple ball was their favorite.

The cats were all purrs over the Made in the USA Little Lion Captain Cod Recipe Treats (2.65 oz, $4.99.) The grain-free treats is made with over 30% real cod. They also found the Made in the USA Little Lion Totally Tuna Recipe (2.65 oz, $4.99) to be quite tasty. The soft, grain-free treats are less than 2 calories per treat.

Whiskers, Sylvester’s mother, daintily ate the treats while Sylvester posed for the camera. Sheba is busy playing with the toys.

It’s wintertime, and a couple of the cats have dry skin. The DermAlley Oatmeal Spray Conditioner (8 oz, $13.99) helped soothe and moisturized their fur coat. They were quite indignant about being sprayed even though I used VetPet Box’s suggestion of covering their heads with a soft washcloth. What can I say; they are opinionated cats!

Education is an important part of the VetPet Box experience. The Welcome Box Wellness Topic for all kitties is Lily Toxicity.

The VetPet Monthly Wellness Pamphlet described the dangers of lilies.

J, our 9-year-old, and I read the vet-authored pamphlet. The booklet presented the pertinent information in an easy-to-read format.

The back side included two notes from the curator to welcome us to VetPet Box and to thank us for our purchase.

We also read the Pet Poison education material which was informative. J and I were surprised to learn that Lilies were the number one toxin call received by the Pet Poison Helpline.

We also received information about PetPlan which covers myriad of procedures including surgery and cancer treatments. The ASPCA Pet Insurance pamphlet provided a 101 Household Pet Dangers list.

Here are a few more kitty pictures!

I love how adorable Midna’s paws look in this picture. She reminds me of a miniature bear cub.

Whiskers sweetly sits as Midna plays with the cat wand.

She decided to join in the fun and bat around a few balls and catch the wand.

Tiger Lilly is camera shy. She caught the wand, pose, and then ran off. She was purring while playing.

Look at that adorable kitten belly! Fierce Sheba is our newest addition and will be part of our pest control on the farm. She is the daughter of two feral cats and enjoys causing havoc throughout the house.

Our kitties are an important part of our certified organic farm operation because they provide pest control. They are also important members of our family! Our family values the wellness and education materials. The more we know, the more we can be there for all cats that cross our path on our farm and also at our main house. I am thrilled that VetPet Cat Box sent the same type of toys that I would buy at my local health pet store. VetPetBox differentiates itself from other cat boxes by being a wellness-centered box curated by veterinarians. The kitties had a lot of fun playing with their toys and eating their treats.

The value of the box is $53.56 and includes free shipping to the contiguous 48 states. This value does not include the value that the vet-authored material and additional educational material brings to the box. It’s an excellent customizable box for kitties and their parents that are seeking wellness, toys, education, and treats from a vet’s perspective and their pets.

What do you think of this month’s box?

Visit VetPet Box – Cat & Kitten to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Deb

    What a fun box Anna, the kitties looked like they loved the items and had a blast, and I love that they are organic pest control workers!