Culture Carton January 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Culture Carton is the subscription box for the man who wants to go above and beyond and not be content with being just ANY man. It is for he who wishes to strive toward a more cultured and sophisticated self. Among the items in the box is a book that a cultured man would want in his growing library, along with select accessories curated around a monthly theme related to improving some aspect of one’s self.

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The theme for January 2018 is The Winter Style Box. The information card tells you what’s in the box, providing a value for each item.

Everything in the January Culture Carton.

Reign Bow Ties White Floral Lapel Pin ($10) This white floral pin is made of cloth, and it makes a beautiful accent to your formal wear.

Reign Bow Ties Burgundy Bow Tie ($25) & Pocket Square ($10) The bow tie and pocket square are made with 100% cotton. The strap is adjustable, so it’s comfortable to wear.

The white floral pin goes well with the burgundy bow tie. I think the materials used work well together too. Very crisp and classic!

Making a proper bow tie is sometimes tedious. So, Reign decided to include a card with a easy step by step guide on how to tie a perfect bow. There’s also a link printed at the bottom of the card for those who prefer watching tutorials in video format.

The Sun Also Rises By Ernest Hemingway ($16)

This new edition celebrates the art and craft of the quintessential story of the Lost Generation. Presented by the Hemingway family with supplementary material from the Hemingway Collection at the John F. Kennedy Library, this edition provides readers with wonderful insight regarding Hemingway’s first great literary masterpiece.

The Sun Also Rises is a classic example of Hemingway’s spare but powerful writing style. A poignant look at the disillusionment and angst of the post-World War I generation, the novel introduces two of Hemingway’s most unforgettable characters: Jake Barnes and Lady Brett Ashley. The story follows the flamboyant Brett and the hapless Jake as they journey from the wild nightlife of 1920s Paris to the brutal bullfighting rings of Spain with a motley group of expatriates. It is an age of moral bankruptcy, spiritual dissolution, unrealized love and vanishing illusions. First published in 1926, The Sun Also Rises is “an absorbing, beautifully and tenderly absurd, heartbreaking narrative…a truly gripping story, told in lean, hard, athletic prose” (The New York Times).

This new Hemingway Library Edition celebrates Hemingway’s classic novel with a personal foreword by Patrick Hemingway, the author’s sole surviving son, and a new introduction by Sean Hemingway, grandson of the author. Hemingway considered the extensive rewriting that he did to shape his first novel the most difficult job of his life. Early drafts, deleted passages, and possible titles included in this new edition elucidate how the author achieved his first great literary masterpiece.

I love that Culture Carton selected a critical edition of this great classic to include in the box – having the creation in front of you lets you explore Hemingway’s masterwork.

On the back cover is the author’s profile, a brief description of the novel and its characters, and some reviews from renowned names in publishing.

Inside the book are copies of actual photos and letters that add a deeper look into the book.

This novel, which came out in 1926, is about a group of American and British expats who travel from Paris to the Festival of San Fermín in Pamplona, Spain to watch the running of the bulls and the bullfights.

Old Schools Cool One UP! Game ($17.50) Since this month’s theme is about sophistication and culture, they threw in something fun. It’s a word game that you can play with your friends. As expected, the packaging is very manly and simple. I like that they packaged it in a tin canister so it’s very handy and ideal for storing or traveling.

Inside the canister are letter tiles and a guide sheet. The rules are printed on the guide sheet for everyone’s reference. This is totally different from Scrabble, although the titles look similar.

There’s even a sample game where so that it’s easier for new players to understand the rules and how to apply them. The instructions are pretty visual.

One Up! and Ernest Hemingway’s book are my favorites for this month’s box. The board game was pretty clever and overall Culture Carton always has a delightfully varied curation, with some of the best books we’ve seen in a subscription. Perfect  for any man looking to up the level of culture and sophistication in their lives.

What’s your favorite item this month?

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