Loot Crate Fallout Crate December 2017 Review + Coupon

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Fallout Crate is a new bimonthly subscription box from Loot Crate that includes 4-6 items – each comes with an exclusive figure in every box plus a piece to a build-a-figure, along with other Fallout gear and collectibles. The subscription costs $34.95 + shipping bimonthly, or $49.99 international.

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I love the art on the box when fully opened!

An artrpint is also included on the back of the info card.

There’s a card that lists all the items included in the box. This month’s theme is VAULT-TEC!

Everything in my box!

Lone Wanderer Perk Pin. First item in the box is a pin featuring Lone Wanderer, a player character and the main protagonist in Fallout 3.

Subscribers will get either the rare black pin or the gold one. I got the latter!

Vault-Tec Mousepad. This mouse pad is quite larger than the regular ones, and it’s very well suited for PC gaming. You might think it’s dinky because of its look but the surface is actually large and the surface is smooth. We love Loot Crate’s gaming mats – high quality, extremely long-lasting – and this one went into service immediately.

Fallout 3 Tunnel Snakes Hoodie. The inside of the hoodie is lined with sweatshirt fabric. It’s incredibly high quality and very well constructed. It fits as expected and will keep you warm during this cold season.

A small 101 print is on the upper left part of the chest. It represents Vault 101, the home to the Lone Wanderer until they left to search for their father.

At the back of the jacket is a large Tunnel Snakes design from Capital Wasteland. The print is quite awesome! This sweatshirt was limited edition box quality. I’m super impressed.

Power Armor Build a Figure Helmet (Part 1 of 6) The figure we received is just one part of the armor. Fallout Crate will send one part in every box until we complete the whole thing! How exciting!

For those who are not familiar, Power Armor is an in-game multi-component armor unit.

The helmet and the base is the first out of 6 parts. We’re already excited to see the complete set!

This base will be the place where you will be building the complete set of Power Armor.

Fall Out 3’s T-45D Power Suit Helmet was the first version of Power Armor to be successfully deployed in battle.

It has a lot of built-in equipment that will help the soldier inside the suit become more formidable and strong in the battle field.

This helmet is incredibly effective against tanks and infantry. It’s super durable but lacks mobility due to heavy metal equipped!

The parts we received were impressively detailed, The rusty finish made them even more realistic!

Vault-Tec Schematic Coffee Mug. It’s not your ordinary mug because it’s a Vault-Tec Corp standard-issue mug!

Vault-Tec, in the Fallout world, is a company contracted by the government before the Great War to design and produce a vault system that specializes in making hi-powered weapon, bombs, and armors.

The mug features a woman wearing a suit and carrying a weapon. The phrase “Welcome Home” is printed on its inner rim.

Fallout 3 Fawkes Figure. We received another figure and it’s Fawkes, a super mutant and a possible companion of Lone Wanderer.

Even the box looks great. It features an illustration of Fawkes and a short description.

Free him from this box and he will be very much willing to accompany you on all your adventures!

It comes in 3 detachable parts: Fawkes, a Gatling Laser, and a base.

Fawkes is highly skilled in all weapon categories and even in hand-to-hand combat, but he is at its best when equipped with his Gatling Laser.

He is extremely resilient, thanks to his inherent thick skin which natural to all super human. Even from the back, you will see how well detailed this figure is!

His fully flexed muscle hands just shows how much force he needs to exert for using this heavy metal Gatling laser!

The action figure has intricate details and I couldn’t be more impressed. They nailed it from the facial reaction to the skin color, even his clothes and weapon!

Wow, this box felt really full because of those two awesome figures and the amazing high quality shirt – and that’s with the box itself being huge to begin with. It’s the first Fallout Crate from Loot Crate and it’s an impressive start despite the delay in shipment. It was worth the wait and I’m just really looking forward to the next parts of the build-a-figure Power Armor. If you’re a Fallout fan, this is a great subscription to try because the items are all exclusive!

What do you think of this month’s Fallout Crate?


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