Stitch Fix Men January 2018 Review + Free Styling Fee!

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Stitch Fix Men is a personal styling service customized to your fit, lifestyle & spending preferences. Just like Stitch Fix for women, your stylist will send you 5 pieces based on your profile for you to try on at home. You only keep what you love, and you never have to set foot in a mall! There are no coupons for Stitch Fix, but if you love everything in your fix, you save 25% when you keep the whole fix (read below for details)!

For a limited time when you sign up for Stitch Fix with this link you’ll get your first styling fee WAIVED!  Just use this link (must use the link) to activate the deal!

Though the packaging is understated, you still receive those little extra touches, like a cloth bag for your shoes (yes, that’s right, the men’s subscription often ventures beyond just shirts and pants).

Every box includes styling cards showing a couple looks for each item in the fix. There’s usually a dressed up (right) and more casual (left) version for each piece of clothing. The cards are not currently accessible in your Stitch Fix profile, but you can request a PDF via email.

I love the look of the packaging – it’s clean and masculine. They used a darker palette and styled the subscription to make it appealing to men.

Everything arrives neatly stacked in brown paper – it always makes me think of a big sandwich wrapped in deli paper.

The box contained a card reminding us that you can gift a subscription to a friend. Giftcards can be printed for personal delivery, emailed, or mailed the old fashioned way, and they can be purchased in amounts from $20 (gifting a styling fee) or up to $1000!

Here’s how Stitch Fix Men works: First, you fill out your style profile. This includes style, budget, and what you’re looking for – you can get as detailed as you want with the notes to your stylist. Your stylist is very responsive to your requests and will work hard to find pieces that fit your declared style, so the more info you provide, the better your selections will be. After trying them on and deciding what to keep, you return the pieces you don’t want in the prepaid mailer (free shipping!). Your stylist takes note of what you kept (and why) and what you didn’t, along with any additional feedback you provide, so your clothes selections become better “tailored” to you over time.

If you keep everything you get a 25% discount. This is why it is so important to be detailed and accurate in your profile, as it increases the chances that your stylist will run the table and score your great clothes and a discount (without having to keep anything you don’t really want). You will check-out and get charged through your Stitch Fix Men account. You’ll be charged a $20 styling fee and shipped five items to try on at home. If you keep anything your styling fee will be applied to your order, but if you don’t, you will pay the $20 fee. If I kept everything in the box, this fix would be $240 (plus the applied $20 sunk cost) — about $48 per item (after the styling fee I already paid, so it’d be about $52 a piece, counting the fee). Because of the discount, it’s often cheaper to just keep everything than to send back one or two items. In this Fix, it was the equivalent of getting a free reversible shirt or sweater!

Everything in my fix for January 2018. Apart from Hello Subscription stuff, I’m primarily a stay-at-home dad, so I opt for clothing on the casual side of things. My stylist has done a good job of picking clothes that aren’t overly dressy and have a casual feel, yet I wouldn’t feel odd wearing them out of the house.

Red Ale Adley Straight Fit Jeans ($68) This pair of jeans has a timeless style. It’s faded in front, and it’s lightweight so it’s really comfortable to wear. I like the moderate rise at the waist — it’s not a low-rise jean, but it stays low enough that I don’t have to try to button my belly into my jeans.

The jeans also features slim tailoring at the legs, rear, and waist that contribute to a slim silhouette.

It’s so versatile, definitely a men’s wardrobe staple. It’ll look great whether with button downs, sweatshirts or jackets!

Diamond Black Jack Reversible Shirt ($48) Next in my fix is as reversible flannel shirt, with two different burgundy designs. One side has a large gauge pattern incorporating light blue stripes. The opposite side as a more restrained palette and a more traditional, small window pane pattern. It fits me well, and it adds a nice bit of warmth and softness if worn with jeans or slacks.

Since it’s relatively lightweight for a reversible, it can be worn throughout winter into early spring. The subtle plaid pattern works well on its own and can be worn underneath a sweater or a jacket.

Commerce Xander Hooded Henley Pullover Sweater ($48) This hooded knit sweater combines the best elements of a hoodie and a cardigan. This piece is huge on texture, with a knit look, channeled cuffs, and a hood and front panels featuring contrasting knit!

It has a kangaroo pocket in front and a ribbing added to the cuffs and hem.

This sweater also features a three button Henley placket and a drawstring to adjust the fitting of sweater and hood. It is not too often you see a hooded Henley! Very cool!

Grayers Athletic Tonal Garment Dye Thermal ($58) It’s a crew neck pullover with fine details. Garments in deep blue has been a staple in my monthly fixes, but I am not complaining because I love the color!

It also features long raglan sleeves and topstitch embellishments, ideal for a sporty casual look.

I’m not a fan of the rugged look on the hem. It’s not a flaw but the actual design of the shirt. It would have liked it better if it had been a more polished look.

Toms Terrance Textured Chukka Boot ($98) My Fix included a pair of very stylish boots, all bagged up in the custom Stitch Fix shoe bag.

I got the boots in charcoal color! They’re made of textile, with a gusset tongue and accent stitching. I absolutely loved the look of these — they are slightly dressy, seasonally-appropriate, and came in a versatile, neutral color. They’re also casual enough for everyday wear!

These boots won me over on style points, and they even had a nice tread on the bottom. Unfortunately, they didn’t really work for my feet. The toe box is rigid, and it didn’t synch with the shape of my foot –I think I position my toes too upward to work comfortably with this style. Bummer.

There’s also a quilted with TOMS logo at the back of the shoes, a pleasantly understated branding move.

All the items in this month’s Fix are well-suited for the season, but they aren’t so heavy as to prevent wearing through spring. I liked the focus on adding some texture to the selections this month. It is nice to see different approaches and variety worked into my Fix, all while honoring my profile and subsequently tailored preferences. 

What do you think of Stitch Fix Men?

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