Winter 2017 PageHabit Cookbook Quarterly Review

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PageHabit Cookbook is a quarterly subscription from PageHabit that delivers a new hardcover cookbook for every season, annotated and curated by an acclaimed chef or author. Every package also includes selected kitchen tools and ingredients.

This is the Winter 2017 review!

The cookbook for this quarter is by the chef and restaurateur, Jamie Oliver!

Everything in my box!

Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook ($20.22)

Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook is packed with all the classics you need for the big day and beyond, as well as loads of delicious recipes for edible gifts, party food, and new ways to love those leftovers.

It’s everything you need for the best Christmas ever.

Inside you’ll find all the classics as well as tasty alternatives, including: salmon pate, apple and squash soup; roast turkey, goose and venison; nut roast and baked squash; best roasties, baked mash, parsnips, glazed carrots, four ways to do sprouts; gravies and cranberry sauce, meat and vegetarian stuffings; turkey risotto; Christmas trifles, pavlova; chocolate logs, Christmas cake, mince pies, gingerbread, baked camembert, smoked salmon bilinis, hot buttered rum and many, many more delicious recipes.

“I’ve got all the bases covered with everything you need for the big day and any feasting meals over the festive period, as well as party fare, edible gifts, teatime treats, cocktails, and of course, exciting ways to embrace and celebrate those leftovers. You’ll also find all the deeply important technical info you need, such as cooking charts, and wherever possible, I’ve designed the recipes to be cooked at the same oven temperature, so you can be efficient with time and oven space, and it’ll be super-easy for you to mix and match the different elements and build your own perfect Christmas meal.

I haven’t held back. This book is the greatest hits, all wrapped up in one Christmas parcel, and I hope you have fun looking through, picking your recipes, and building your own plan.”

~ Jamie Oliver

A nice introduction to the book is printed on the inside flap.

A kitchen equipment checklist is also included.

Stuffed and rolled pork loin for the holidays sounds good! This sample page features a guide on how to make the mouthwatering Porchetta.

The realistic photos will keep you salivating!

Like other PageHabit books, this cookbook is filled with annotations from the author.

Some of the sticky notes include extra tips for easier prep and cooking. This one advises to use vegetable peels or orange zest as add-ons to your tray before roasting for a zingy twist.

Meanwhile, here’s a page dedicated to one of  the easiest yet most delicious recipes, pigs in a blanket. This is a SERIOUS upgrade!

The cookbook is hardbound. It’s quite thick and there are lots of notes from PageHabit. Just be sure to read on for more cooking tips!

There’s even a page for meats, cuts, weight and their required temperature for cooking.

The book has a lot in it, 400 pages or so of delicious foods and cooking musts!

One of the featured desserts in this book is this tempting Rocky Road.

El Rey Caoba 41% Dark Milk Chocolate ($8 Full Size 8oz) These milk chocolate discs are made of Caoba, a smooth “dark” milk chocolate that comes with caramel, nut and earthy flavors. The notable flavor also came from increased cacao content.

El Rey Icoa White Chocolate. These white chocolate discs are made with Icoa, which is a uniquely flavorful and fragrant, which is caused by the cacao butter not being stripped off all flavors and made uniform by extreme deodorization processes, with overtones of nut and caramel, but less sweeter and more buttery.

These discs are perfect recipe additions, or you can indulge with them on their own. Pair it with wine, melt them and drizzle on lovely desserts, the possibilities are endless.

El Rey Apamate 73.5% Gourmet Dark Chocolate Discos Bag ($9.99) After Caoba dark and Icoa white chocolates, another very dark chocolate is included in this quarter’s box. Apamate is a very smooth dark gourmet chocolate with a delicate fruity aroma, subtle acidity and lingering cacao flavor.

These delectable looking discs are perfect for bakers and pastry chefs, a rich addition to baked goods that can make pastries more enticing.

Organic Biologique Ginger Syrup ($10.04) This golden ginger-infused syrup is best to drizzle over fruit salads, ice cream or cakes. It can also add a swirl of ginger sweetness and goodness into a warm bowl of oatmeal or as a glaze to chicken, roasted carrots, or sweet potatoes.

It’s a great alternative to maple syrup, as it is organic and gluten-free!

Sunburst Popcorn ($10.20) The best way of having popcorn is by air popping them yourself! This bag of popcorn have bigger and tastier kernels compared to those already popped and packaged ones. Also, you can always adjust the taste by adding butter and other flavorings according to your liking.

Tierra Farm Organic Shredded Coconut. This versatile product is produced with no added sugar or additives. Coconut is a rich source of dietary fiber which supports a healthy digestive and immune system. Certain desserts are great topped with this shredded coconuts for added flavor and texture.

Tierra Farm Organic Very Berry Mix. This mix is a delicious combination of golden berries, goji berries, blueberries, mulberries, cranberries, pomegranate, and raisins.

It’s a perfect balance of tartness with the goji and golden berries, countered by the sweetness of the other berries. It’s also full of antioxidants!

Tierra Farm Organic Raw Mixed Nuts. This pack of mixed nuts consists of cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans and hazelnuts. All are fresh and crisp!

It’s a protein-packed and a perfect snack when you’re just relaxing or on-the-go.

Meri Meri Napkin Serviettes. This pack contains 16 colorful and starry designed napkin serviettes. A functional and great addition (and added decor too!) to any table setting.

This quarter’s cookbook came just right in time for the holidays, so it won’t be a problem or a hassle preparing perfectly themed dishes for the season. The fact that the cookbook is by Jamie Oliver makes us love it even more! (He’s such a favorite and even our 9 year old felt compelled to read every page!). Also, the tips are really helpful and that’s what I like with PageHabit, they get to highlight important stuff on books and it isn’t hard for the reader to look them up for later. The edible goodies included in this box are real treats too – and we were thrilled that we could make one of the recipes right out of the box. We can’t wait – we’re saving it for a NYE treat!

What do you think about this quarter’s box? Let us know your thoughts!

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