Tea Box Express November 2017 Subscription Review & Coupon

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Tea Box Express is a monthly subscription box containing a brand-name, whole-leaf tea (either loose leaf or in a pyramid bag) plus 3-4 other tea related items, which may include infusers, measuring spoons, or food items like chocolate or cookies. It costs $25.50 for a monthly box, plus $6.49 for shipping. They offer 1, 3, or 6-month terms and each will automatically renew until canceled (or choose the gift option, which doesn’t renew).

DEAL: Save 20% on your first monthly box! Use coupon code  HELLO20.

Everything in my box! This month looks like it has several snacks to try!

I received a card…

…with info on how to share box photos on social media and possibly win a free box!

The NecessiTeas Hot Chocolate Tea The NecessiTeas specializes in dessert-flavored teas and has several flavors to choose from on their website.

Hot Chocolate is just that – a hot chocolate flavored tea! The smell that greeted me when I opened the bag was mouth-watering!

Lots of chunky stuff in here – marshmallows, chocolate, apples, and more. I steeped 1 1/2 teaspoons in hot water for 5 minutes. The first thing that happened was the marshmallows disappeared completely! This left a kind of opaque tea. I added some sugar and milk and drank it that way. While I don’t mind flavored teas, I’m a little less accepting of tea with food stuff in it. The drink had good flavor, but I couldn’t decide whether it was a decent tasting weak tea, or watery hot chocolate. Maybe next time I will try a full tablespoon of mix and discard some of those marshmallows.

Jahmu Turmeric Chai with Caffeine I’ve never heard of Jamu before, but it turns out it’s a traditional Indonesian herbal medicine. It is considered a blood cleaner, health tonic, and overall daily elixir. Golden milk is an Ayurvedic drink from India that is also an overall health booster, based on the health benefits of turmeric; fat from whole milk helps the body absorb some of the nutrients. Note that this preparation is vegan and can be added to water, nut milk, or traditional cow’s milk.

This mix combines the two treatments together in one convenient bag, and has enough for 10 servings. Yerba maté extract adds an extra energy boost, although you can buy a caffeine-free version from Jahmu.

I loved the little recipe card! I’m especially looking forward to trying a hot apple Chaider! Turmeric is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and has promising positive effects on health. My grocery store has even started selling fresh turmeric, which can be used to make fresh golden milk.

It was very bright! I made mine with milk and added a bit of honey for sweetness. It had a traditional chai spice flavor and was a little different from what I am used to drinking. It had a warming effect on my throat and I think I am going to save the rest of the mix for fighting off the inevitable cold that will strike sometime in the next few months.

240 Sweet Peppermint Chocolate Chip Marshmallows Marshmallows are not something I reach for to snack on, although I gave this one a try in the name of testing. Ha!

It was really good, with just a hint of peppermint flavor, yummy chocolate chips, and a slightly crisp crunch when you bite through the exterior. These would be amazing atop a hot chocolate, or try melting it a bit and sandwiching between two chocolate graham crackers for an over the top take on a s’more. Hmm, what else can I sandwich this between?

Lindley’s Bakery Chocolate Covered Shortbread Cookies Lindley’s Bakery is home to “absurdly delicious premium shortbread cookies.” The cookies are covered with a smooth chocolate topping.

My husband complained that these were too crumbly but I thought they tasted amazing! I loved the touch of almond flavor, it reminded me of an upscale bakery cookie. Melt in your mouth texture and a hint of chocolatey goodness makes these a winner in my book!

Orchard Farm Chai Tea Lip Balm is from an Etsy shop and is made with fair trade shea butter, cocoa butter, and beeswax.

Cinnamon, anise, and vanilla essential oils along with calendula and olive oil are the all-natural ingredients in this luscious lip balm. It glided on smoothly and had a wonderful flavor, with a hint of chocolate orange, maybe the oils and cocoa butter are playing a trick on me! Very nice, I think this will get me through winter beautifully!

Wow, this month I felt like a sweet shop had been delivered to my mailbox! The tea was tasty, and the snacks were absolutely delicious. Plus, I have a lovely new lip balm to help me through the winter! Tea Box Express consistently features cute items and tasty treats, plus, TEA! This box impresses me with its curation and top-notch items and I look forward to enjoying my tea party in a box every month!

What do you think of Tea Box Express?

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