BarkBox November 2017 Subscription Box Review – Super Chewer

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November’s BarkBox Super Chewer has arrived! Super Chewer Barkbox is a monthly subscription box for dogs “who demand a challenge.” Each box has 4-6 dog products and is customized to the size of your pup, plus it has a cute theme. All natural treats, tough toys, and challenging chews are included in the monthly box. BarkBox will replace a toy for free if your dog defeats it. We selected the Super Chewer box Large Dog for our two dogs that love to chew and destroy toys. Odie, a Borador (half Border Collie and half Labrador Retriever), is the main reviewer. Bella, our mini Rat Terrier, is his assistant.

Odie was eager to start the review. He discovered a new favorite toy this month.

The November theme is Pupstate Orchard. Check out Brandy’s Review to see an adorable picture of Deanie posing with the theme picture.

The doggies received two festive toys this month.

J (age 9) and I will be making Carob & Peanut Butter Mini Donuts as a holiday treat for the doggies in December.

Here are the items in the November BarkBox SuperChewer for large dogs. My superchewers are ready to commence chewing.

The Petsafe Medium Size Treat Holding Bouncy Ball ($12.00) and the Petsafe Medium Size Treat Rings Size B for Medium Bouncy Bone Bacon Flavored ($10.00) together have become Odie’s new favorite toy. He’s staring at me with those big brown eyes as I type hoping for more treat rings on his toy.

The PetSafe Bouncing Buddy Bone is ingenious. It’s a bouncy rubber ball, a durable nylon chew, and bacon rings can be placed on either side of the ball.

The Made in the USA bacon rings were a huge hit with my superchewers. I ordered four more bags for them because Odie kept dropping the empty toy by my feet.

It’s time for some pie! The Made in the USA Rumble Berry Pie is the size of a real pie slice. The rubber toy bounces and can be filled with treats.

It’s precisely the kind of superchewer toy that Odie enjoys.

This adorable box holds Yum in the Oven Duck Cranberry Treats (5 oz, $12.00). The Made in the USA treats has duck as its first ingredient.

The soft treats are small enough for Bella, our Mini Rat Terrier, to enjoy without breaking them up.

They also fit in the Rumble Berry Pie lattice. Odie and Bella heartily approved.

Daisy, our English Shepherd, feels all Etta Say! Chews belonged to her even if it comes in a SuperChewer Box. The Etta Says! 7″ Premium Elk Chew ($3.00) is made with American elk meat. The delicious, chewy treat is free of artificial flavors and preservatives.

Daisy says, “I’m not sharing.” She’s also not a superchewer and had no interest in the toys this month.

It’s time to see what the Superchewers think of the box.

Odie was puzzled by the Bouncing Buddy Ball in the beginning. Was it a treat? Was it a toy?

He ran around the yard searching for a place to bury it.

Then he fell in love with it as he ate the rings.

Bella found the toy to be delicious too. She also liked to chew on the bone with her back teeth.

Yum! Yum! It’s time for some pie.

Odie is hoping that Bella will give him the bone chew back.

Daisy is content to eat her elk chew and leave the playing to the rambunctious chewers.

Odie is pitifully looking at Bella chewing on his toy. Don’t worry, baby. Mommy has more rings coming in the mail.

He even tried to trade the trachea for the chew. Tracheas are prized treats in our household.

Odie and Bella had a wonderful time enjoying their November Barkbox Super Chewer Box on a sunny fall day. They loved their treats and toys which were adorable and matched the theme. Barkbox is an excellent choice for doggies and their humans that want fun boxes full of wonderful themed toys and treats.

What do you think of the November Super Chewer Barkbox? Share below!


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