Koala Crate Holiday 2017 Box Review & Coupon – HOLIDAY COOKIES!

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Koala Crate is a monthly subscription box from KiwiCo for preschoolers ages 3 to 5. It is educational and always hands-on. The activities are designed to be developmentally appropriate and enriching while also keeping it engaging, fun, and universally-appealing.

Every year KiwiCo offers holiday boxes that are a separate purchase from their subscription.

You can find all the KiwiCo Holiday Crates in their Holiday Shop! They’re 40% off this weekend ONLY!  Use this link to save 40% on your first month of Koala Crate! (or any of the KiwiCo family subscriptions – use this page to find the best box for your little one!).

This year the Koala Crate theme was HOLIDAY COOKIES! Just like the regular subscription the box comes with all the supplies needed to create a trio of fun, age-appropriate crafts. Plus, it has a magazine with extra games and activities.

All the materials we’ll need to make some delicious cookies! The activities in a box usually all relate to the same central theme, but they each tend to encourage different types of play and help develop different skills.

We also received a set of cute cookie cutters this month.

The booklet lists all the supplies, the primary activities, the messiness level, and any grownup assistance needed. They’ve recently added some additional symbols denoting the developmental skills practiced in doing the activity, such as fine or gross motor skills.

We also received recipe cards for gingerbread cookies and royal icing…

…as well as sugar cookies and frosting.

Our 3-year-old needs some help figuring out what to do, but he can actually do many of the activities without help. Here he is, working on the felt cookie dough.

Look at what those little hands can do!

The cookies are adorable especially with the addition of the felt icing stickers.

He’s using the spatula to flip the cute felt cookies. So much fun!

The Christmas felt cookies actually look yummy!

These can serve as cute Holiday decors.

This edition of Koala Crate is great! The activities didn’t just keep my 3-year-old occupied, he also learned how to use the cookie cutters and how tp design the perfect holiday felt cookies! I think he’s ready to help when I do some real cookie baking. It’s really a fun stimulating activity for the kids. I knew he would absolutely love this box as soon as I saw it! We can’t wait to get some holiday baking now that he’s a pro!

 Grab your Holiday Crates here now!


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