Baby Bedtime Box December 2017 Review + Coupon!

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Baby Bedtime Box is a new monthly bedtime subscription box for kids. Each month, you’ll get 4-8 handpicked bath and bedtime items that will get your kids excited going to bed every night. The subscription costs $34.99 per month, with items ranging from bath paints and toys, towels and scrubbies, soaps, shampoos, lotions, creams, oils, plush toys, night time books and more!

I like the idea of this subscription – I’m a mom of 3 active kids that stay up late and we can use all the help we can get!

Included in the description card are suggestions for relaxing yoga poses we can do at nighttime.

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On the back is a list of all the items, plus their description and retail price.

Everything in my December 2017 box!

Bedtime Routine Chart & Stickers. The chart is for checking off kids’ finished tasks using the enclosed stickers. I think this is a fun way to create a regular bedtime routine. For me, I think it’s better to laminate these and then use an Expo marker.

Smile Tooth 2 Minute Timer ($3.59) This sand timer is exactly the right amount of time the kids should be brushing their teeth. Just flip it over to know exactly when brushing is over. This has been so useful in the past week alone in improving my kids’ dental hygiene routine. A total must have.

Daytime Nighttime By William Low ($8.98)

Who likes the day? Butterflies. Who likes the night? Owls.
Who is working today? Beavers. Who is flying tonight? Bats.

Readers turn the pages to reveal what animals are doing during the day and at night.

The inside flaps contain a beautiful illustration and a sneak peek on what’s inside the book.

The pages are glossy and colorful!

Such lovely illustrations that the kids will enjoy looking at while daddy reads the bedtime story.

From this book, they will also learn what animals are active during the day and during the night.

Helianthus Herbals Herbal Baby Bath Blend ($11.99) This kid-friendly bath blend will let the kids experience a soothing bath. This mixture contains herbs and natural ingredients that will calm them before bedtime and also nourish the skin.

Crayola My First Canvas And Crayons ($14.44) This canvas and crayon set is specifically designed for use in the bath!

The crayons are ergonomically designed for little hands, and the canvas is dual-sided. It’s a SLAM DUNK!

Here’s an octopus ready to get colorful along with other sea companions.

The crayon holders are designed as a hippo and a duck. They’re really suited for a toddler’s hands!

The kids will definitely have fun during bath time, while learning and getting to be creative at the same time! All three kids – from 9 to 3 – loved playing with this! It was just so much fun.

This month’s Baby Bedtime Box is a winner because all the items are fun and kid-friendly. The kids’ favorite is definitely the book and the coloring set. Meanwhile, I like the inclusion of the calming bath blend and I’m also looking forward to how the chart will work for the kids’ bedtime routine. My absolute fave is the tooth brushing timer. Overall, it’s an awesome box and we’re already excited for the next one!

What do you think of this month’s Baby Bedtime Box?

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Baby Bedtime Box

Baby Bedtime Box is a monthly package delivered to your kids to help keep them excited about bedtime! Each box is filled with 4-8 handpicked bath and bedtime items that we think will have your kids looking forward to bedtime every night! Boxes will include items such as bath paints and toys, towels and scrubbies, soaps, shampoos, lotions, creams, oils, plush toys, night time books and so much more! Additionally, each month we will include a new exercise to teach to your child, to help them relax and get ready to sleep!

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Get 10% off upon checkout! Use coupon code HELLO.


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