Halo Legendary Crate October 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Halo Legendary Crate is the subscription box for the biggest Halo fans in the world. Every other month, you’ll get UNSC-approved loot like exclusive figurines, collectibles, in-game items, apparel, and more, for $34.99 + shipping bi-monthly.

Halo Legendary Crate is made to create the ultimate experience for Spartan super-soldiers!

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All the goodies in the box! As usual, everything in this box is exclusive.

The info sheet is actually printed on the back of a really awesome poster. It’s 17×11 and comes rolled up so it’s definitely suitable for hanging.

The back of the poster lists all the items included in the crate, fleshes out the theme, and has a digital content code for Halo 5!

The code is for a Halo Legendary Crate Req Pack for Halo 5.

The box came with a top secret data drop.

Data Drop Files. The current data drop is in the form of an excerpt from the interrogation of Denver, a Sebalim’Tet found adrift. Near the end of the interview, he makes a passing mention of a Logic Plague, a weapon used by the flood to corrupt Artificial Intelligence.

Shotgun Pin. Every month includes an exclusive pin from the game.

And this month, it’s a shotgun! Another variant of this pin is in gold color.

Flood Infection Form Plush. This parasite plush comes with a hook and loop mouthpiece.

The other side of the circular velcro has an adhesive to stick to anything (a bag or a jacket) and make it look like anyone who comes in contact will become a part of the Flood.

It’s soft, squishy… and definitely creepy!

Spartan Exterminator T-Shirt. So cool and comfy to wear!

Totally simple but awesome design. This spartan exterminator looks ready to stop the infestation!

Needler Shard Pen Set. It comes in a cool box container!

The pens are modeled after the blamite shards from the Needler weapon.

The ball point pens have black and purple ink. Now, it’s time for me to get a pad of paper and start scribbling to try them out!

Halo Icons Flood-Infected Marine. That’s one creepy figure!

The box says that it’s a Flood-infected former friend.

And this creepy guy here is the perfect representation of the Flood’s crazy nature.

It’s impressively and scarily detailed too.

This Flood-infected guy has now tentacles wrapped around his weapon. I don’t think I would like to battle (or even just see) this guy! Now where’s my shotgun?

And here’s the culprit on spreading the infection: The Flood Infection Form, the first stage of the virulent Flood xenoform.

The series 2 line figures can be connected — after collecting several boxes, you can make an epic scene!

This subscription from Loot Crate is always well-executed and contains exceptional stuff from the game: a comfy, yet cool shirt, the iconic pens, figures that interconnect with others in the series, and other fun stuff. Every box is filled with great, exclusive gear! With the Data Drop’s mention of the Logic Plague, I can’t wait to see where next month’s crate takes us!

What do you think of this month’s box?

Visit Halo Legendary Crate to subscribe or find out more!


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