MorpheMe Brush Club September 2017 Subscription Box Review + Free Brush Coupon!

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MorpheMe is a monthly makeup brush subscription that promises at least $30 worth of Morphe brushes each month for only $19.99. This is a great way to quickly build up your brush collection! You can sign up for a 1, 6, or 12-month subscription and all subscriptions automatically renew until you cancel.

My September brushes! My MorpheMe brushes arrived in a padded mailer and I received 4 brushes in the September bag. MorpheMe sends 3-7 brushes per month and they state that the total value will be at least $30. They also included a foldout brochure that had info on the brushes and a coupon code for a shop purchase. They offer a rewards program and you can exchange your points for extra brushes, makeup, etc.

DEAL: Get a free brush when you use this link, no coupon code required! Plus, save $5 on a 6-month subscription and $20 on an annual!

The product info card is a fold out brochure. This month’s theme was Aquatic Dreams.

The flyer showed which brushes were in this shipment and featured a hint about using them but you have to go to their website for the full details. LIVEGLAM also puts out a monthly video that shows different ways you can use your monthly brushes. They are really good at demonstrating that each brush can have multiple uses, as seen here. The look demonstrated this month was not for me and I really hope LiveGlam does a basic but beautiful demonstration in the future.

MorpheMe has recently made some changes. If you feel like your brushes are a bit repetitive, then you can change your shipment. Plus they now have two new subscriptions – KissMe sends three lipsticks while PolishMe sends three gel-like nail polishes. So you can swap a brush for a polish or lipstick, or add items from different brands!

My September MorpheMe brushes!

Here’s a closer look at their heads!

E6 Premium Flat Buffer ($15) I used to apply foundation with my fingers but then I discovered this subscription and I now know better. The E6 features synthetic bristles and did a great job of buffing in my foundation without using a lot of product. I haven’t tried it with my powder foundation yet but it is designed to work with powders, too.

M576 Pointed Blender ($6) features sable bristles and is good for blending all over the eye area to keep everything nice and soft. I tried using it to apply a base color but it was a little too soft for that purpose.

M577 Jumbo Crease ($6) was perfect for applying my all-over base shadow and the dense sable bristles make it multipurpose. Blend the crease, apply highlighter, or use it to apply primer or concealer. This is my new favorite brush!

M578 Round Pencil Crease ($4) is a mini version of the M577! Dense sable bristles and a smaller head make this perfect for really getting into the crease, but you can also use this to apply powder to the lower lash line or highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes.

My September MorpheMe shipment was pretty good, although sending 3 eye brushes is a little repetitive. Morphe brushes are pretty awesome and I haven’t had any problems with them at all. September’s shipment had a value of $31, which is just over their $30 value goal. I have been getting this shipment for a year and I now have a wonderful variety of brushes and am always surprised when I find something that I didn’t have before and can’t imagine living without. I love the video and watch it every month and it shows me all the different ways these brushes can be used, which inspires me to find my own unique uses. Plus, the ability to trade brushes or add lipstick or nail polish means that this subscription can be personalized to your liking!

What do you think of MorpheMe brushes? Let me know in the comments!


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