So Bakeable June 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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So Bakeable is a monthly subscription box that sends baking lessons to your door. I like to think of it as a combination baking meal kit and craft box. Each month, you’ll receive attractive, easy-to-follow directions along with all of the baking supplies you’ll need (minus eggs, butter and milk). The results are gorgeous and absolutely delicious! Although So Bakeable’s boxes are certainly suitable for experienced bakers, they’re so well done that even beginners can make Pinterest-worthy desserts on their very first tries! Boxes cost $36.95 each plus shipping.

The box comes with two complete baking kits neatly separated and labeled. They also included a $5 off coupon.

DEAL:  Save $5 on your first box! Use coupon code BAKINGTIME.

Our two recipes this month were Ice Cream Cookie Cups and Star Sandwich Cookies.

We made the Ice Cream Cookie cups first.

The recipes are printed in these pamphlets with lots of pictures and step by step instructions.

The first step was to prepare the ice cream and get it in the freezer.

The ice cream mix came in these two packs.

There was also instructions on the back of the ice cream packages.

This postcard included some promo codes for more ice cream mix.

You mix the ice cream powder and milk.

Your unfrozen ice cream should look wavy and creamy and doubled in volume.

Then we added in these caramel bits.

Little bits of heaven going in.

Then we mixed in half of the caramel sauce.

Once the caramel bits and the caramel sauce were in we transferred the ice cream to a freezer safe container and stuck it in the freezer.

For the Cookie Cups themselves, we preheated the oven and greased the cupcake pan.

Then we creamed together the sugar mix and a stick of butter.

Once it’s creamy you add one egg and mix again.

Then we added the cupcake mix and mixed again.

The mix made 8 Cookie Cups.

When the Cookie Cups bake up they deflate as they cool forming a cup shape to hold your ice cream.

Now we assemble and decorate the final product.

We melted the chocolate chips. Then we dipped the top edges of the Cookie Cups into the melted chocolate.

After the chocolate, we dipped the cups in the pretzel crumbs.

Here are the cups before the ice cream. They look like little bird nests.

Someone, I’m not saying who had no patience and didn’t wait long enough for the ice cream to set. The Ice Cream Cookie Cups were still delicious, but would have been prettier if I had waited.

Here’s the rest of the ice cream that I stuck back in the fridge and waited on until the next day. It was rich, creamy and delicious.

The back of each recipe pamphlet had details about So Bakeable‘s social media.

Next up was the Star Sandwich Cookies.

We mixed up the cookies.

Used the included star cookie cutter to cut out lots of star shaped cookies.

The cookies baked up well and kept there shape well.

Once you have mixed up the included buttercream frosting, you frost one cookie, top it with another and then dip the edges into the sprinkles.

They turned out tremendously cute and delicious.

I enjoy the So Bakeable boxes because everything is prepped and ready to go. I don’t have to go looking for all the ingredients to make something beautiful and yummy! The sandwich cookies were my favorite this time. They were scrumptious!

Visit SoBakeable to subscribe or find out more!


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