Sealed with Irish Love Box August 2017 Subscription Box Review

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I’m so excited to be reviewing a brand new subscription box, Sealed with Irish Love Box! This is their first box and as soon as I saw the clover print box I couldn’t stop smiling. I don’t know what it is about Ireland that just makes me feel so warm and cozy — I don’t have family there but I have dear friends, and honestly they are that same kind of warm and cozy. So I guess that’s why! Sealed with Irish Love Box was created by Máire, a designer in Ireland who started with her own line of homewares and eventually launched this box. It’s a way to support wonderful Irish crafters, makers, and small indie businesses.

At the top was a large card thanking new subscribers. I also received a personal card of thanks from Máire in addition.

The information sheet is incredibly thorough and detailed. I love reading information cards and sheets! You really get to know the people behind the items included and learn more about their lives and businesses. The information is two sheets and the third has photos!

Love this! It even shows the book binders at work in Dublin.

All of the items were securely wrapped in bubble wrap if they could be damaged. There’s one mystery package also hand wrapped which is exciting!

Duffy Bookbinders Notebook — Four generations of traditional bookbinders lead to the current Duffy Bookbinders being established in 1970. Their workmanship is so high quality and respected that they have done bindings for books for Popes and Heads of State… how neat is that? The notebook itself is a beautiful leaf green. The pressed design in the corner is of five lamps that are located in North Inner Dublin.

The paper is thick, creamy, and silky smooth. The pages are blank so it’s great for sketching and journaling!

Donegal Natural Soap Shower Massage Bar — This scented the entire box with warm, spicy citrus. It smelled so good! Founded in 2010, the soap company uses all natural oils and ingredients to make handmade soaps that are gentle on skin and good for conditions like eczema — which is what inspired the founder to start making her own soap! Shower massage bars are wonderful, and this one has cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil. Massage it into your skin when it’s still warm after your shower. I absolutely love the scent!

Liz Christy Sheep Magnet — How adorable is this magnet? Liz dyes the wool for her crafts by hand, inspired by the colour around her. I love the bright pink and red on this little magnet which has already found its new home on my fridge!

Sealed With Irish Love Notecards — Sealed With Irish Love is Máire’s own creation, started back in 2013. I love the bright, modern yellow of the design of a signpost (all hand-drawn). The set includes four blank cards and envelopes.

I love sending cards so I’m always in need of more. I love the shamrock doodle in the bottom corner.

The last item was wrapped immaculately!

Nicolas Mosse Napkins — 100% cotton napkins with the most stunning floral print. The artist, Susan, is inspired by the hedges and wildflowers in the countryside. She produces just one new pattern a year, using sketches to design them.

They are a nice, large size. I absolutely love the purple flowers (my favourite colour)!

Sealed With Irish Love Box was a joy to open from start to finish. I loved how Máire’s love and enthusiasm for Ireland and the talented crafters who live there shone through in everything, from the careful curation to the profiles of each business included on the information sheet. This is a box where once all the photos are taken, everything finds its new home in my house immediately — the magnet greeting me every time I opened my fridge, the napkins on my table, and the notebook and a pen ready at my desk just to name a few examples. This is a fantastic box for anyone who loves Ireland, is curious about Ireland, or even someone who just loves high quality, handmade items with a story (and a lot of talent) behind them.

Visit Sealed with Irish Love Box to subscribe or find out more!


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