Magickal Folk July 2017 Witches Trunk Show Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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Magickal Folk is a monthly subscription that brings magical items to work with moon phases through meditation and rituals to your doorstep. Different subscription options are available from smaller kit with Ritual Tea, Crystals or Oil & Crystal, to a full experience including herbs, crystals, and tools. Subscriptions starts at $7 a month for the Ritual Tea Kit to $78.50 a month for the Good Golly Kit. This Review is for the Witches Trunk Show ($20 a month).

The Magickal Folk monthly Witches Trunk Show is a treasure trove of magick. They’ll be no instruction, no information, no commitment, and no work involve. This box is pure aesthetics, from candles, jewelry, herbal products to oracle decks, spell components, malas and incense. Anything goes! A little box of feel good treasures, love and sparkly things!

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Everything was wrapped in black tissue paper.

Ooooohhhh!!!! I like this linen pouch! There’s no marking on it, making it versatile. Great to carry around a portable altar and all the tools while keeping it discreet, a book would easily fit in it. I can see multiple uses in suitcase, backpacks, or just to carry around toiletteries!

All of that fit in the bag. So many goodies!

Little pouch full of gemstones! I’m not sure of all of them, but I’ll give it a go. Clockwise: Jasper (?), Citrine Double Point, Amethyst, Prehnite, Tiger Eye, Moss Agate.

I’m not into “Blessings”, but this is a cute stone that would look nice in a garden, or simply on a book shelve. It’s about the size of a hand, so quite big!

Moon Goddess Circle Salts. Made with salt, glitters (yes, glitters!) and hissop, it’s a great salt to cast a circle or to clean a place by sprinkling some of the salt on the floor and carpet and sweeping after a while.

Incense Powders: Protection and Fast Money. There’s no list of ingredients for either, but they are easy to burn in a fireproof container. You can also throw a pinch of powder in a fire as part of your ritual. Incense powder are very versatile! They smell quite differently one from the other, but I would not be able to identify any of the scents.

Pendulum. I used to work with a pendulum, but I never had such a fancy one! I’m not sure if it’s a proper gemstone or synthetic, but I like the colour. Black stones are some of my favorites so I’m very excited to see how this pendulum will behave with me.

I like that the point is easy to remove from the chain, in case all the pretty shiny beads distract me from pendulum work!

The last item I’ve received in my Witches Trunk Show is this simple yet fun wooden mala.

The Guru bead is an antique silver coloured Buddha head. I really like this mala!

This month’s Witches Trunk Show was such a great mix of useful tools, incenses, stones and fun items! I like that there was a bit of everything! For $20 a month, this box is a great value to add new items to an existing collection! Even if you are not using everything, any of these item could make a great gift to other Craft inclined friends!

What did you think of this month’s Witches Trunk Show by Magickal Folk?

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