Hasbro Gaming Crate Summer 2017 Subscription Box Review – Family Crate

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Hasbro Gaming Crate is a box that ships four times per year for $49.99 per crate and subscribers can choose a party (with “edgier” games) or family theme. Boxes will include three never-before-played games. Afterward they may get rolled out to retailers at the regular retail price. I have two little boys so we are getting the Family Crate.

Family Crate: Come one, come all! This crate is jam‑packed full of family‑friendly competition and fun that your household will love. Smile! The fun is just getting started.

Theme: Family Staycation – The Family Crate that brings adventure to your living room
Two Additional Games full of family‑friendly competition and fun that your household will love. Ages 6+.
The three games in this month’s box.

First look into my box and the games are all in boxes and they included a note with info card on top.

The info card has a note about family time on one side and then a brief description of the games on the back.

Featured Game: Mask of the Pharaoh – In this cooperative virtual-reality board game, wearing the included VR mask, you must quickly describe what you see while the other players use game tiles to complete the path to the riches so the whole team can win! Requires a compatible device and the Mask of the Pharaoh app. Ages 10+

Leo Goes to the Barber – This is a fun memory style game. My son and I played and while you have your own cards you work together to get to the Barber. We didn’t make it on the first “day” but we made it before he had a full mane to be cut.

The board will be different every time since you mix up the play spaces and then create a path. We won’t know what is on the back of them until you land on it and flip it over.

We finished an it only took us until our 4th “day.” You keep working on the board until you have use a whole day on the clock and then you flip them back over and start again. We had to try and remember which ones were where so that we could make it through. We both enjoyed it and he is ready to play again with his friends.

Tricky Wishes – A quick playing game where you take turns switching and shuffling and peeking at the cards to try and create the highest scoring hand. If you have the highest winning hand and declare “I wish” then all of your wishes will come true.

An extra game from Hasbro in the box. You do the activity on the first sheet and then pass it on to someone else. We are getting ready to go out of town and my boys already tossed this one in the travel bag.

What a great way to try and find some new games to play. I really enjoy that Hasbro Gaming Crate sends new and unknown games for us to try out. We are a game playing family so if they sent games that are already out then we might have it already. The games this month are perfect for my boys and really fit out ages well. We’ve already played Leo a couple of times and once my husband is off we are going to play the other games with all four of us. The crate is a great way to expand your games an to have some family time.

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