Firefly Cargo Crate July-August 2017 Review + Coupon

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Loot Crate Firefly Cargo Crate comes every other month and each box has a theme to a character from the show/movie. The theme this month is Simon Tam. This one came while I was away and my husband sent me a picture of the outside of it. He is such a tease and knew I wouldn’t be able to wait until I got home to open it.

First look into my box. There isn’t much packing to these box with the flat paper items on the bottom to keep them a little safer from wrinkling and the rest of the products just sitting on top.

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Everything in my Simon Tam crate this month.

The Firefly crate does not just send an info card but they send a whole mini magazine called You Can’t Stop the Signal. You Can’t Stop the Signal is a big part of the Serenity movie and it talks about all the info in the verse so it is a great title for the information booklet.  It gives information on the items in the crate and other behind the scenes stories and interviews.

The Signal starts with a nice note from Loot Crate. I am a fan of all the characters on Firefly but I’ve always had a soft spot for Simon. I just melt at the way he gave everything up for his sister and to take care of her. I can’t help but get mushy over it.

The info pages in the magazine.

Simon Tam Little Damn Heroes Mini Master – Simon Tam always is so clean and proper looking for space cowboys. He sometimes sticks out like a sore thumb but he wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t look this way.

Mal in a Spacesuit Q-Bit Mystery Mini – These little minis are just so stinkin’ cute and Mal this month is no exception. There is so much detail in such a little figure.

Jayne’s Blue Sun Replica T-shirt – Jayne has some of the best shirts on the show and we’ve gotten quite a few of them in our crates. This is a Blue Sun shirt that Jayne wore which even looks like he took the neck and sleeves off himself. They are finished but are made to look unfinished.

Alliance Cruiser Q-Craft Puzzle Model – I have looked at puzzles like these before but I’ve never bought one. Now I get to put one together and see how much I LOVE them. I’m going to hold onto this one until my sons go back to school so I can built and create without little helpers.

Londinium WaveCard – A fun postcard that I’m going to send to one of my other Firefly friends.

Blue Sun Lapel Pin – We get a pin in each Crate and Blue Sun is the company that makes many of the food, drinks and snacks in the Firefly verse.

Londinium Travel Sticker – I have a great collection of stickers from my crates and I need to decide the best way to display them. Londinium is the location of the “bad guys” who monkeyed around with River’s brain.

While not in the Signal a pair of Blue Gloves was also included in my crate. They are worn by the men chasing after River from her escape. She refers to them with “Two by two, hands of blue” and it just adds to their creepiness.

Another out of this world Loot Crate Firefly Cargo Crate. Simon is the best big brother around and I wish we would have gotten more of a chance to see that as the series went on.  Firefly really was one of the shows that was cancelled way to soon. I can’t wait to see what they send in each crate and the items are so well selected and so perfect for each theme.

The theme for the next crate has already been announced: Wicked Ways.

and each box will include an Inara Little Damn Heroes figure.

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