Super Loot Candy Box July 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Super Loot Candy Box is a candy mystery box that delivers a surprising array of worldwide, American and retro candy. It’s a great way to try new or hard-to-find candies from around the world.

The candy arrived in pristine condition, securely packed in an attractive little box.

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The box holds a lot of candy!

Let’s start small, with Dumles. I had never heard of Dumles before. These are chocolate-covered toffee candies originally from Sweden, now produced by the Finnish company Fazer. My box contained three flavours: original, dark and liquorice, all of which were tasty. I particularly liked the unusual combination of liquorice, chocolate and caramel.

Haribo Roulette are the familiar and delightful little gummies hailing from Germany.

Allen’s Redskins is another sweet I’d never heard of before. This is a raspberry flavoured chewy candy from New Zealand. To me, this tasted like a much softer, chewier, taffy-like Twizzler.

LaffyTaffy Strawberry is sweet, chewy and very pink!

Now and Later Splits 2 in 1 Lemon-Lime soft chews are an awesomely tart version of the classic American candy.

Airheads Xtreme Sweetly Sour Candy Bluest Raspberry contains 8 strips of soft candy coated in sugar crystals.

These are not at all like the classic Airheads that I loved as a kid (white mystery flavor = the best). Rather than being like taffy, these have a softer and far less chewy consistency. They are different but good and delightfully sour.

In keeping with the sour theme is Maxilin Limited Edition Sour Flyers, liquorice ropes filled with sour flavour crystal centres. Apparently, Liquorice Flyers are a classic British confection. Not having grown up here, I’ve never noticed these before and found them to be kind of odd. They basically taste like soft liquorice with a bit of crunchy, sour sugar inside. The back of the pack warns that Colour E102 may have adverse effects on attention and activity in children, which was a startling thing to see on candy!

Now this is a candy I’m familiar with! Jelly Belly 10 Flavours pack contains delicious jelly beans, including the two of the best flavours (if you ask me) watermelon and juicy pear!

The box also contains a PEZ _Play Transformer dispenser. PEZ _Play is the company’s foray into the digital age. Users can download the PEZ Play app for free from the App Store and use it to play games that are unlocked by scanning a PEZ candy code.

I was happy to find Wawel Krowkowy mleczny in the box. I am familiar with the brand because my favourite Polish restaurant gives out Wawel fudge when you pay the bill.  This is a milk chocolate bar filled with a caramelly-fudgy filling. A yummy treat!

Mint Dark Chocolate M&Ms are fantastic if you love strong mint flavours. These classic chocolate candies perfectly pair a fresh minty taste with dark chocolate, encased in candy shells in pretty shades of green.

After Eight are little dark chocolate squares with peppermint flavoured fondant cream centres. These are like a chubby version of the original After Eights and equally delicious.

I was thrilled to see Arizona Cowboy Cocktail Strawberry Lemonade in the box as I really enjoy Arizona products in general. This is a great pink lemonade, though Arnold Palmers remain my fave product.

The Sweets & Candy mystery box is perfect for people with a sweet tooth who want a taste of new and different types of candy, as well as familiar classics. The box contains a nice mix of sweets and chocolates from home and abroad, though based on the assortment of products I received, I would probably recommend it to people who enjoy fruity candy more than chocolate.

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