Tobi Tobin Black Box Subscription Box Review + Coupon – May 2017

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Tobi Tobin Black Box is a luxurious subscription service that delivers an elegant hand-poured candle and decadent artisanal dark chocolate truffles. This is a special treat and would make a lovely indulgence or exceptional gift for anyone who loves fine chocolates and candles. There are 4 different boxes to choose from ranging in price from $64 to $175 depending on the size of the candle and assortment of chocolates. I am reviewing the No. 1 Black Box, which includes a small candle and small box of chocolates and is $64 a month.

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Imagine my delight when I found this box on my doorstep and saw that it was from Beverly Hills! I found a couple of ice packs, one on top and one on bottom, and upon further examination my items were in perfect condition – even in the Texas heat!

There were a lot of black squiggles inside this box!

I found two burlap bags inside, which, combined with the black grosgrain ribbon, is a signature look from Tobi Tobin.

The bags were tied with black grosgrain ribbon and had a black card with gold lettering. Tobi Tobin is an L.A. based “Lifestyle Expert” and some of her clients include Robert Downey Jr., Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Inside the bags I found two black boxes with crocodile embossed patterns. One of the boxes was wrapped in that same beautiful ribbon and had another card.

This box is a keepsake in itself and will look lovely on my dresser. It’s perfect to corral my Scentbird collection!

Inside the first box I found a card.

The card had that same luxe gold lettering and listed all 17 candle scents with descriptions and broken down into scent groups. I received the candle called “Georgian” so I included its description.

I also found a sticker closure over some black tissue paper.

Tobi Tobin Georgian Small Candle ($38) This scent is one of the floral offerings and is made of a blend of soy and coconut wax. The scent is similar to a white floral perfume and the gardenia and tuberose make it very feminine. I placed it in my living room and lit both of the wicks and my room smelled lovely but not in an overwhelming way.

The Tobi Tobin Candle Collection is a luxury line of custom designed fragrances. The fragrances are inspired by the idea of architecture and place. Each candle is specifically designed by Tobi and created to evoke certain feeling and memories. Each of the candles is a natural soy and coconut blended wax. The soy candle wax along with the coconut candle wax make a unique blend, creating a high quality, long lasting candle. The candles are hand crafted and poured in a glossy black glass jar. Both the 9 oz and 4 oz candles feature a two wick burning system for maximum fragrance release. The 4 oz candle provides 400-500 sq ft of fragrance bloom and the 9 oz candle provides 1,000-1,200 sq ft of fragrance bloom.

Time to open my second box! I feel like it’s my birthday!

Another lovely box that can be reused to stash this-and-that and will look lovely and elegant no matter where I place it.

The box features a magnetic closure to keep the items fresh and the chocolates have a 6 month shelf life, but let’s face it, they won’t last long in my house!

Tobi Tobin Petite Box Chocolate ($38) I received 6 huge truffles – 3 are 1 ounce each and 3 are 2 ounces each. You can find a list of which flavors are included but I couldn’t find a full list of ingredients.

The Tobi Tobin Chocolate Collection is a luxury line of fresh, hand-made, artisan chocolates, produced locally here in Los Angeles. We offer sixteen varieties of dark chocolate truffles. All the dark chocolate truffles are made with non-GMO tapioca syrup, are gluten free, kosher and have no preservatives. If you haven’t tried our salted truffles, you are missing out on one of life’s great pleasures.

This is the Dark Chocolate Truffle with Walnuts. It has a rich, ganache center that has a fudge-like consistency with a covering of chocolate. Although they say dark chocolate it tastes somewhere between dark and milk chocolate, so there wasn’t any bitterness in the coating. The other flavors were a peanut butter truffle, raspberry truffle, chocolate with caramel, chocolate with espresso, and chocolate with sea salt. While they were all exceptionally smooth and tasty I liked the one shown above the best!

Simply elegant!

Wow, what a wonderful subscription box! Black Box by Tobi Tobin is perfect as a birthday or anniversary gift, as an indulgent monthly treat, or just because life is better with chocolate and a fine candle. I felt truly pampered while I noshed on a sweet bite while burning my candle and reading a book. Check out Tobi Tobin and get ready for a special treat!
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