June 2017 eSalon Custom Hair Color Subscription Review + Coupon

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eSalon Custom Hair Color is an at home custom color subscription. When you first log in and sign up you fill out a survey and answer questions about what you are looking for in a color and what color you currently are etc. eSalon then has a chart showing where you are and what would work for you. From this, they will send a custom blended color right to your door. I’ve been using this for awhile now and I’ve changed my color a couple times and I’ve always had great results and I’m in love with it.

First look in the box and you will see your customized information and instruction card on top of your coloring supplies.

DEALeSalon‘s color is $24.95 per box, $19.99 on subscription – try your first month for $10 with this link!

The box comes with the developer, color and perfect match kit.

The perfect match box comes with gloves, stain guard and remover, and shampoo and conditioner.

The subscription comes with easy to follow instructions.

This month I requested a lighter color since we are going into the hottest months here in NC and my hair will naturally get lighter in the sun. They note it right on your info sheet that they included the lighter shade and had made the adjustment. You can easily make adjustments in your eSalon account. I try to do it after each coloring so that I remember and can go in and add an updated picture of my hair and any notes that I think of.

In the summer, my hair is almost always up in a clip so I grabbed a quick picture before I got started. I get my hair color every 8 weeks and that works great for me but if you wanted to change the duration you can in your account. I was so ready for my coloring this week. In the last week I have really noticed that I was in need of some color.

My hair down and before I added any color to it. My hair is a bit out of control right now and I really should go in for a cut but with it being up most of the summer I usually just let it go.

eSalon also offers a subscription called The Matchup that you can get other hair supplies that you might need. A couple orders ago I got the mixing bowl and clips and they have been a great help in my coloring.

The clips and cape that came with my eSalon The Matchup boxes. I love having all of my supplies right together all in one spot.

Here is my hair with the coloring all in right before I was going to jump in the shower to wash it out.

I just got dressed and combed out my hair. You can see the lighter color right away and I LOVE it!

Mostly dried and ready to go. My hair is naturally stick straight and deceptively thick.

Even with all of my hair I have plenty of color in my kit to get through it all and to have a nice overall color.

eSalon always leaves me with such happy hair. Before I started with them I always thought that coloring my own hair was going to be just more then I could do but eSalon makes it so easy to follow along and get great color each time. I like how easy they  make getting a color and changing it as needed each time and then the easy to follow instructions are just right for me. I’m loving my lighter color this time and will probably keep it through at least my next box since it will still be warm and summer here and then I’ll go a bit darker for the fall later this year.

Do you color your own hair? Have you tried eSalon? You can try your first at-home color for $10 with this link – no coupon code required!


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  • Carol Ayala

    Hi, I have ordered eSalon in the past. I was totally satisfied with the process and the end results- beautiful! However, I had family emergency that prohibited from continuing receiving the products. I would to startup again. Please inform me how I can do this. Thank you

    • Valerie

      Hi Carol, we’re not affiliated with eSalon – we just review their products. Please reach out directly to their CS (they’re awesome!) and they should be able to help you restart your subscription.