My Hikari Japan Souvenir Box May 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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My Hikari Japan Souvenir Box delivers a monthly souvenir box from Japan for only $28 per box! They’re based in Kyoto, Japan – which means you’ll get a box full of premium quality traditional Japanese snacks, sweets and souvenirs.

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The June box features items and snacks from the Kyoto region. This month’s featured city is Uji, a city in the southern part of Kyoto known for their shrines and temples.

The information card gives you a list of all the box contents, the snack’s ingredient, and their best before date.

All the items are neatly tucked inside this white paper bag.

Everything in my June 2017 My Hikari Japan Souvenir Box!

Matcha Chocolate. These green tea candies have a surprise almond center. My daughter likes them, they melt in your mouth.

Konpeito Sugar Candy. These are made from sugar, water, and artificial coloring. No surprise that my husband said they’re just like hardened sugar.

Yatsuhashi Cinnamon Candy. These cinnamon candies are crunchy and smooth. I like them! Actually, anything with cinnamon, so these went fast immediately.

Uji Matcha. By the way, these are not in powdered form, so you make your own tea using the leaves. I haven’t personally tried it, but my husband said that it’s quite nice because of the bitterness of the tea is just subtle. When he added drops of lemon juice, that’s when he really enjoyed it.

I forgot to arrange them back to their original position, but here are the actual photos of the snacks. From left to right: cinnamon candies, sugar candies, green tea leaves, and green tea chocolates.

Kokeshi Rice Crackers. These rice crackers are adorable! The wrappers were printed with men and women in traditional Japanese outfits. Kawaii!

The “heads” were rice crackers with a nut center, while the “bodies” were made from rice crackers with soy sauce flavor. My husband found it too salty for his taste.

My Hikari box this month came with a post card and an origami project.

The image on the post card is inspired from the Fushimi Inari Shrine, a shrine in Fushimi-ku to honor the goddess of rice, Inari.

The origami project is inspired by O-Jizo-san. O-Jizo-san is the beloved protector of travelers and young children.

The instructions are in Japanese, but they’re easy to follow because of the illustrated guide.

As you see, O-Jizo-san is often dressed in bibs and robes with sleeves. According to legends, he often hides the children in his sleeves to protect them from demons.

The Uji City souvenirs all came in together inside a plastic tied with twine.

Kyoto Matcha Cookie. They’re sweet, but also very brittle that they arrived in pieces. The kids still like them since the matcha flavor was not too overpowering.

Uji Cha-Gaufrette. Between the Kyoto Matcha Cookie and the Uji Cha-Gaufrette, my husband likes this one better. The biscuit is soft and buttery, sandwiching a matcha filling. It’s really tasty!

Ujitawara Seicha-jyo. Just like the Uji Matcha, my husband found its flavor mild (maybe because of his water to tea ratio, I’m not sure). We can’t compare it with any other local brands here, but between the two teas sent, my husband’s vote is with this one. Simply because they’re already in powdered form, no sweat!

My Hikari Japan Souvenir Box sets itself apart from other Japanese subscription since the box gives you a full experience! From doing an origami project to trying out new snacks, our  family truly enjoyed unraveling this box. I like that they sent an information card with the food ingredients listed in English, so it wasn’t hard guessing what’s in the snacks we’re tasting. I just wish there’s more inside the box, however, for the price of $24.99 with free worldwide shipping, I still think it’s a steal. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

What do you think of this month’s My Hikari Japan Souvenir Box?

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