Five Four Club Subscription Box Review & Coupon – March 2017

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Five Four Club is a men’s clothing monthly subscription club – sign up, pick a style profile and your sizes, and get clothes every month. T’s style profile is “casual.” This subscription ships at the end of the month. The subscription is a $60 flat monthly fee, and traditionally subscribers receive a variable number of items each month, depending on the value of the month’s selections (months with several items usually include a tee shirt or other lower value item).

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This month I wasn’t as pleased as I usually am with Five Four Club.

A long sleeve shirt, long socks, and heavy pants.

Rossmore NVY Socks – The socks are nice. I like the stripes and colors, but wouldn’t it make more sense to send ankle socks? Spring is here now.

Berkshire – Henleys – At first I thought this was a T-shirt. That would be nice because Winter is over and I’d get a lot more immediate use out of it.

But it’s a long sleeve shirt. Oh well. It’s a really nice design though.

Shyne BLK SLM – Joggers – As soon as I saw these pants I knew something was off. 1) They look really heavy and 2) The seat of the pants are really… baggy… Too much room up there.

These pants also collect dirt and hair like nobody’s buisness. Really bad if you have pets (like me.)

The socks are great. I’ll wear them regardless of length. Five Four Club socks rock!

The shirt fits okay. It’s a little small but that might just be a sizing issue I have to adjust. I doubt I’m going to wear it for awhile because it’s pretty warm here.

The pants fit fine as joggers.

The Joggers look all right like this. But there’s too much room at the top. You could fit an adult diaper in there. Old man pants?? It’s not comfortable. They’re also REALLY heavy.

My waist is below my hand. I don’t understand why it goes up to high. I was going to say I feel like Steve Urkel but he looks cooler than this. I’m not going to wear these pants.

I love Five Four Club clothes. They’ve sent me some of my favorite clothes. But this was an off month for Five Four Club. I’m not sure what they were thinking for this month. Usually, the clothes are appropriate for the season. The only thing I liked were the socks. While I’m unhappy with this month’s selections, I still like Five Four Club.
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