Wow Box Fun & Tasty March 2017 Subscription Box Review

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WOW Box is a Japanese candy subscription coming right from Japan! For only $24.99 (Regular) or $34.99 (Large) a month, you can enjoy Japanese sweets  and snacks delivered to your door every month. WOW Box did some restructuring of the subscription model last year; my last review was in August and was of their New & Limited box this. The box that I received for this review is the Fun & Tasty box. WOW Box no longer sends out printed information cards, but product information is available on their website.

WOW Box is planning a new theme — I’m excited to see what it is!

Tokato makes my favourite snacks, to be honest! It started with those crazy habanero potato chip rings and it’s spiralled since then. We were sent two HUGE bags of Tohato snacks!

Ami Oni Sour Cream & Onion Chips They look like little onion blooms! They are small and this bag was STUFFED with them. I took them in to work and had to confiscate them because people were eating them so fast. They have a savoury sour cream and onion seasoning.

Funwari Ninja Snack These were a bit less popular, but I really liked them — they are a unique texture hard to explain — very soft and puffy but with a bite to them. They are salty.

Tohato Cheesecake Caramel Corn Tohato also makes the caramel corn I like — though these are VERY sweet compared to the savoury snacks above. This is a rare cheesecake flavour.

Hokkaido Karinto Karinto is a traditional snack that is deep fried and dusted with sugar. These are crunchy and crispy and have powdered icing sugar on them.

Panda Cookies I am pretty sure these are meant to be a replacement item for the Wasa Smoked Cheese crackers that is listed in the box contents. I’m fine with that! Cookies are my friends after all.

Pachi Pachi Panic Japanese pop rocks! The grape flavour is strong but these are just as fun and remind me of my childhood. I’ve tried this before but in a cola flavour.

Sakura Mochi Chocolate Chocolates sculpted to look like mochi! I am saving these for Mitch, as he is a sucker for mochi of any kind.

Peach Fettuccini Gummies One of my favourite candies from Japan are the Fettuccine gummies, especially if they are peach!

Sherbert Pero A cola flavoured lollipop that you dip in sour cola powdered candy.

Jagarico Cheese (L Size) Jagarico are probably one of my favourite snacks as well — they’re hard crunchy fry-shaped snacks. These have a nice cheese flavour to them. They are a special L size, or larger than normal.

Green Tea Carton I don’t really like green tea but how neat is it being able to drink a portable version?

Orange Long Chew A super long piece of orange toffee!

Nihonichi Nagai Choco And an equally long piece of chocolate!

Pokemon Kari Pori I have received these so many times, haha. The orange sticks are orange flavoured and the blue are ramune/soda. They are very sticky and crunchy and glue to your teeth!

Un Choco A cute pig shaped box containing small chocolate candies. I’ve received this before in other cute animals too!

The Fun & Tasty box features a lot of repeats for me, but that’s okay! I feel like this a well-rounded box of classic snacks that are well loved in Japan and internationally, so that’s normal to expect some tried and true items.

Visit WOW Box to subscribe or find out more!


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