Green Kid Crafts March 2017 Outer Space Subscription Box Review + 50% Off Coupon!

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Green Kid Crafts is a subscription box that sends 5-8 themed projects made with eco-friendly materials to your home every month. The boxes contain hands-on explorations in science, math, technology, engineering and art that are intended to challenge children from 3-10 years of age.

March’s theme was Outer Space.

This is the perfect box for us right now. My older son just finished a planet and moon lesson in science so he was telling us all about it as my younger son and I worked on the projects.

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This is the first Green Kids Craft box that we’ve gotten and it included a note about the subscription.

They also included a pair of scissors since so many of their crafts require them. We did not need them this month but I’ve put them aside for the next projects.

The back of the theme card had some facts on Space and was a great start to get us ready for our experiments.

All of the projects were in their own bags with information and direction cards in each.  This month we had three projects with multiple experiments for each one.

The first bag we grabbed was for the Space Sand. We worked our way through the experiments and I even still have one of the little cups in my freezer so we can check it in the morning.  My son thought this was really cool and he played with it for a long time. I even left him with it while I was doing other projects and he kept telling me new things he discovered.

After doing the experiments we put some of all the colors in a larger bowl of water. He loved swirling it around and sticking his finger in it to show me that it did not get wet. Hours of enjoyment here and we have some sand leftover to play with another day.

Next up was a planetarium. This one was simple and required little help from me. He ran off with the finished project to the bathroom so he could shine them on the walls. My older son just took a field trip to our local planetarium so he thought this one was awesome too. He was telling me all about his trip and how he thinks we should go back one day with all of us. I think he is right and I need to add that to our track out plans.

First up he put the stickers on the paper and had me write the names of the constellations on them for him. A lot of thought went into which color each constellation needed to go on. Both boys had to agree before it was placed. I loved listening to their reasoning for each one.

He is trying to show me what it looks like when he shines the light through it. It does not work like it did when he was in the dark bathroom but he still thought it was really neat.

Our final project was Rocket Balloons. He did this one over and over and over again and then we bagged it up so he can do it again another day. I should have taken a video as he was cackling when letting the balloon go so it could fly around.

Best yet was when he figured out how to use the pump and get the balloons ready on his own. He felt so big and it made the whole experiment all that much better.

One of the extras in the box was a moon graph which I thought was funny since we just did this same experiment with my older son for his class. We set this one aside and he says he is going to help his little brother do the chart next month. I love when they do projects together and while I’m sure we will have some arguments before the month is over it should go ok for most of it.

Each month they send a sticker for the theme and since it was our first month we got a chart that we can add the sticker to. This is totally something that my son will get right into and is already talking about where he wants to keep it.

We loved our first Green Kid Crafts box. Both of my sons really got into it and it was perfect timing to go along with my older son’s science lesson. I was very happy that my son could do most of the activities on his own and that they are ones that he can do over and over and over again. I love crafts and experiments that we can use more than once and this fits that bill.  They are already talking about the next one and can’t wait to see what theme it will be.

Has your family tried Green Kid Crafts?

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