The Dapper Dog Box March 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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The Dapper Dog Box

The Dapper Dog Box is the box for your best friend in the world. Organic and natural items are hand-picked for your dog based on a personalized survey. The Dapper Dog Box sources from passionate small companies that love dogs. $1.00 from each purchased box is donated to rescues. The regular sized box has 4-6 items with an average $50.00 value. The mini box has 3 items. Both versions offer free shipping. The personalized survey offers five different dog sizes, grain or no grain, and a section to discuss more about your dog such as allergies, heavy chewer etc.

First Look

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I received a card detailing more information about The Dapper Dog Box.


Everyone looks happy strolling in the snow. The picture made me smile because we were in Florida earlier this month and came back to snow! The March theme is ‘ A Day at the Park.’

Ooh! I like the new information card design. The information card contains the items, descriptions, and prices. $1.00 from every box this month went to help rescue dogs at Chew Life Dog Rescue. You can also email The Dapper Dog Box if you want to order additional items and it will be sent in your next dog box.

The Dapper Dog March 2017

Here are the items in the March Dapper Dog Box. Daisy is going to be ecstatic over the Cycle Dog treats. This review is for the large dog box.

Tiger Lilly

Congratulations to The Dapper Dog Box for being awarded the Best Dog Box Award by Hot Diggity Awards! Even my cats want to eat the items in the box.

Rosie’s Pumpkin & Cinnamon Treats

The Made in the USA Rosie’s Pumpkin & Cinnamon Soft Dog Treats (6 oz, $9.99) have a fresh, cinnamon scent. The vegan treats are free of gluten, grain, corn, soy, and artificial preservatives. I was impressed that the treats have non-GMO sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin. My dogs eat better snacks than I do! All three doggies devoured the treats.

Pupato Chips

The dogs tend to eat sweet potato dog treats last. They found the Made in the USA Pupato Chips (2 oz, $5.59) to be tasty. I had no idea why they liked this treat so much until I realized it was by Puppy Cakes. They love Puppy Cake’s doggy cakes and ice cream mixes.

Little Lamb

I think I know why the cats went crazy over this box! Little Lamb is munching on a Cycle Dog Trail Buddy Treat. The treats are for both cats and dogs.

Cycle Dog Trail Buddy Treats

Both the cats and dogs loved the Made and Source in the USA  Cycle Dog Trail Buddy 100% Beef Treats (2 oz, $9.23). The single ingredient is 100% human-grade freeze dried beef liver. The treats are easy to break apart for smaller dogs. I need to find a good hiding spot for the treats before the cats try to gobble them up! The dogs are much better behave when it comes to treats.

CycleDog Retreads High Roller

Guess who loved the Cycle Dog Retreads Large High Roller Ball ($12.54)? Daisy! The Cycle Dog High Roller floats on the water, squeaks, and is durable. Odie is great at destroying balls, so I hope this one lasts for awhile!

Petqwerks Newspaper Toy

The Pet Qwerks Large Newspaper Toy ($6.98) is fresh off the press with the latest news. The durable canvas toy has three squeakers and crinkles. Odie loved chewing on it.

Free Gift – Bobby & Bambi Shamrock Cookie

The luck of the Irish is upon us because the doggies received a free gift this month. The Bobby & Bambi Shamrock Cookie ($3.00) is grain-free and organic. Daisy approved of the delicious peanut butter and Granny Smith Apple flavored cookie.

Time to see what the collies think. Daisy is an English Shepherd aka Farm Collie; Odie is half Border Collie and half Labrador Retriever. Bella, our mini rat terrier, was only interested in gobbling up all the treats. Odie is wearing his bandana from the November Dapper Dog Box. He will be wearing his bowtie from the February Box next month.


It was difficult deciding which dog should have the cookie. Daisy thought it was woofilicious.


Odie galloped around the yard with the newspaper. I was surprised that he did not want to play tug-of-war.


Daisy loved running with the paper too. There was something about the toy that made the collies want to trot all over the yard.


Odie has his eye on the ball! Will he catch it?


He caught the ball! He excels at fetch.


Daisy tried to fetch the newspaper. She did not catch the paper even though it is right by her mouth in the photo. She jumped too late. She does love to try to catch.


Odie seemed unsure of the ball most of the time. He would look at it quizzically and push it with his paw.


Daisy loved catching the ball. She would run after the ball, scoop it up in her mouth, and run around the yard. Then she will bring it back to my sister. It is the most engaged I have ever seen her with a ball.


Odie was a happy doggy chewing on his newspaper. It was his favorite toy from the box.

The Dapper Dog March Box had toys perfect for a day at the park. Both Daisy and Odie loved carrying the newspaper around the yard. Daisy now has her own ball to enjoy. All three dogs loved their treats which have been consistently outstanding. The product value of the box came to almost $48.00 using discounted prices which is excellent for the type of items that are in the box. The overall value is over $56 when including the $8.00 shipping costs. It’s an excellent box for dog owners that want a customized box with a focus on organic and all natural toys and treats.

Visit The Dapper Dog Box to subscribe or find out more!


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