Phlur Fragrance Box Review

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Phlur (pronounced “fleur”) is a new fragrance line featuring 6 sustainable, responsibly made scents that cost $85 for a 50ml bottle. This line is meant to be unisex but half seem more feminine and the other half are slightly more masculine, but since fragrance is a personal choice it is really up to the wearer to decide. How do you find the right one for you? You can pick three samples for $15 and then get a $15 credit to purchase the full-size bottle of your choice! There are pictures and even a playlist to help you get a feel for the products; if you like what you see, you should like what you get.

First things first! I had to narrow the six fragrances down to three, although you can certainly order all six if you are so inclined. Each scent had its own page with a description, fragrance notes, weight, and longevity. You can scroll through the pretty pictures to choose the ones that speak to you or choose based on one of those above-mentioned attributes.

As you add scents to your sample set, it will keep track of them on the right side of the screen. No tax, no shipping charges, and you can pay with PayPal or a credit card.

The $15 credit towards your chosen fragrance expires after 30 days. The packaging is simple and clean and unisex.

My samples arrived in a pretty package and I received them super fast! The company is based out of Austin, and I live in one of its suburbs but still, I think I got it the day after I ordered!

The package was personalized…

…and had a nice presentation.

All three of my scents were safe in their spaces.

I think these words sum up the Phlur experience. It’s not about masculine or feminine, just wear what you like and feel comfortable with. All fragrances take a bit of time to develop and smell differently depending on the wearer.

Each 2ml spray vial had the name printed on the side. These are supposed to last for a month so even if you have no interest in purchasing the full bottles you can keep ordering your favorites if you like.

Each of my fragrances had a card with a picture on the front, and info about the scent on the back.

I chose Moab since I wanted a warm scent to last through the rest of our short winter.

Its arid spice seduces like the vastness of the West, emanating an invigorating dry heat.

This woody spicy scent features notes of long pepper, clove, vanilla, jasmine, and tonka bean. I thought it smelled spicy and sweet with a hint of cinnamon, like an herbal tea; it was warm and cozy. The weight is medium and the longevity is supposed to be 4-6 hours but it was not that strong on me and didn’t last that long either.

Next I chose Olmstead & Vaux since I like citrusy scents.

Bright, crisp and ultimately clean. Revitalizes with every wear.

This is an aromatic green scent that features notes of shiso leaf, white ginger, orange flower, and maté. It is very fresh and indeed green and smells clean, upbeat, and bright. The citrus note I pick up is tangerine since this isn’t as sour as lemon or lime. I love it! The scent is supposed to be medium and last 6 to 8 hours but again, it wasn’t that strong on me and didn’t last that long.

Finally, I chose Siano since I like ylang-ylang plus I wanted something a little bold.

A pure expression of elation, as enchanting as it is powerful.

This is a citrus gourmand yet I haven’t picked out any particular citrus scent. This is floral and warm, with a touch of sweetness, although it smells radically different on my inner elbow than it does on my inner wrist. It is very strong and long-lasting, and that was with just a small spritz. If you have coworkers who are sensitive to scent then maybe skip wearing this to work and save it for a night out. I swear you will give up before this perfume does.

I enjoyed trying these awesome niche fragrances! Each of the three scents I chose was different from each other and certainly different from the ones I have tried at Sephora. I was impressed with the presentation and the shipping was amazingly fast. These are vegan and cruelty-free, plus they give $5 for every bottle sold to either Central Park Conservancy or IUCN. Overall, I had a nice experience and look forward to seeing if they expand their line in the future!

Visit Phlur to order your favorite samples of these American-made fragrances!


For $15 we’ll send three 2mL bottles your way—enough for about a month of sustainably made, allergen-free, cruelty-free fragrance. When—not if—you fall in love, you have 30 days from purchase to apply your $15 toward the $85 price of a full 50mL bottle.

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