Nerd Block Jr. Girls Subscription Box Review & Coupon – December 2016

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Nerd Block Jr is a subscription box for boys or girls ages 6-11 (you pick the box – boy or girl) that is a monthly surprise of fun little toys for your little nerd. They’re part of the Nerd Block Family – check any of them out here.

DEAL: Save 15% on your first month with coupon code HelloSub16.

The outside of the box is so engaging, and the information card has a picture puzzle! This is a fun box for a child to receive!

Everything in the December 2016 box!

My Little Pony Blind Bag Necklace

Twilight Sparkle! Awesome! My daughter has been wearing this everywhere – it’s a wonderful item for this box.

All the variations.

Nerd Block Cube Plush: It’s the Nerd Block guy! We all thought this was funny and the kids loved it.

Fantasma Magic Set

This may be the biggest hit of the box, the kids have been poring over the magic tricks and practicing really hard – I’m going to be treated to a magic show this weekend.

Plants VS. Zombies Mini Comic Set

To be honest, I thought this was a little odd and gross for a girls box, but my daughter loved it (prob just as much as I loved Garbage Pail Kids!). She read the comic cover to cover, collected all the little cards, it was a fantastic little item for her.

BB-8 Zipper Pull: This is cute and fun, and well-timed with the Rogue One release, but basically all kids love BB-8. Disney knows exactly what they are doing when they create those lovable robots.

This bag charm, which will join the 50 others on my daughter’s bag, has the added bonus of having a zipper. If you didn’t know or your kid doesn’t have them, having a million bag charms is the coolest thing ever. Nerd Block Jr is great about sending them, which is fantastic and makes my kids’ hearts go pitty-pat.

National Geographic Kids Magazine December 2016/January 2017 Issue: This has been reliably one of the favorite items in the box for my daughter. She loves it.

She reads all the facts, shares them with us and her brother, and works them into her stories.

The magazine also has fun collector cards. We (adults) think of these things as a throwaway but I’ve noticed how crazy she is about them.

Create Your Own Superhero Mask in Pink from Seedling [This is a mini version of the one I linked]

I really liked the guidance that Seedling provided.

My daughter was totally amped about this project, did it herself from start to finish, and took a photo. That’s serious excitement! She spent a good amount of time really thinking through the project and how she wanted it to look and I attribute that to the instructions. Note that she also followed step #1 (prepare your workspace)!! I love it.

ShirtPUNCH! Batgirl T-Shirt ($10?) Cute! This one went into the rotation right away – we loved that the shirt itself was purple, plus this version of Batgirl is fun and sweet!

$10 ShirtPunch! Credit: The box came with a $10 credit to the Nerd Block shop.

This was a really great box and the Jr blocks keep on improving month over month! I really loved the variety with collectibles, reading materials, activities, and wearables, and think the value is really fantastic for the price.

What did you think of this month’s Nerd Block Jr: Girls?

A preview of what’s coming this January. More My Little Pony!


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  • Jenny

    Awe I love your purple Nerd guy. Ours is blue and cute but I love the purple!!! I need to get Caleb’s mask out tomorrow so he can make it since we are home again. He put it in the craft room for us to do later so I think tomorrow is a good later.