Tokyo Treat October 2016 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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TokyoTreat is a Japanese treat box that is shipped directly from Japan. TokyoTreat has three levels of boxes, which seems to be the norm with snack boxes. Shipping is included with the boxes ($14.99 for mini, $24.99 for regular, $34.99 for premium). This is the premium box.


TokyoTreat has had a pretty big overhaul since I was subbed last year; the outer box is a cheerful orange, and the product information card is now a mini magazine containing not only translated descriptions of the included items, but also instructions for the DIY candy kits, a welcome/introduction letter, and some content about Japan. You can see the three levels of the box ranging from the smallest to the premium box.


DEALGet $5 OFF your first Premium box using code CHRISTMAS at checkout!

The TokyoTreat magazine is read right to left like Japanese books and comics. It includes the product information as well as information on Japanese culture, the monthly giveaway, instructions for the DIY kit, and other features.


Most of the popular snack boxes have this sort of tiered system with three levels of size!

Here’s what’s included in the small box!


Onion Taro If you’ve had umaibo corn snacks, this is pretty much umaibo in ball shape form. They are light and airy corn snacks with an onion flavor to them.


I tore into this bag because I love umaibo. These are so addicting.

O’Zack Hot Carnival Chili Lime Chips These potato chips have a chili lime flavor to them, which is just the right amount of heat. I would prefer these as a tortilla chip, though.

Koala March Halloween Edition Who doesn’t love Koala Marcha? You can even find them here in North America, but we don’t get the cute limited edition versions. This special Halloween version features the koalas in cute Halloween costumes!


Look at the cute koalas!

Pipo Chocolate A plastic pipe filled with very tiny chocolate ball candies.

Uncle Pierre’s Strawberry Cream Roll Cake IT’S SO TINY! And cute! And surprisingly soft/moist considering it’s pre-packaged.



Hip Hop Berry Soft Candy Stick This taffy is made of two flavors – the inside is a purple berry and the outside is a green soda. It’s very soft and chewy.

The regular box includes all of the above, plus:


Nyoki Nyoki Cororon DIY Kit I have received this DIY from so many snack boxes, and I am still awful at it! I’m passing it on to my friend Mitch (along with the instructions) to see if he has some fun with it. It involves pushing candy through holes on a mold to create worm-shaped candies which you then cover in powdered sugar.

Peppered Soybean Jerky I was actually pretty intrigued by this! I have a soy allergy, so I can’t try it, but it smells sweet/savory and the texture is definitely tough and chewy feeling.


The pieces are small and thin.

LOOK Sweet Potato and Chestnut Chocolate LOOK makes some of the best chocolate in Japan! I’m not feeling this sweet potato and chestnut combo, so I’m passing this on to a friend.

Chardonay White Grape Hi Chew These Hi Chews are classy! The inside is Chardonnay grape juice and the outer coating is from the juice of Muscat of Alexandria. The flavor on these is hard to describe – they have an almost perfume scent to them which translates to the flavor, but it tastes lovely. I really enjoyed these.


They are softer than regular Hi Chews.

And finally, the premium box, which includes everything in the small and regular, plus:


Kinoko no Yama Chestnut Chocolate This limited edition features chestnut and chocolate! I love Meiji’s chocolate and will be sharing these at work.

Tropicana Season’s Best Juice Yes! TokyoTreat always includes a drink and I was SO excited to see this. Sure, we have Tropicana here, but do we get a juice with a mix of apples, peaches, grapes, oranges, and persimmons here? NO? That’s what I thought! This fruit juice wasn’t overly sweet but tasted a lot more fully rounded than straight orange juice.

Wasabi Nori Taro This is a dried fish snack with wasabi flavoring. I’m giving this to Mitch and not telling him what it is. I’m evil.

Bubble Salty Lemonade Gummy These gummies aren’t very gummy! They’re more like a jawbreaker that has a bit of a gummy texture on the outside. It’s very sour and has a salty kick to it.


The bag has quite a few of them!

This month’s Tokyo Treat also included some special items – a set of Halloween chopsticks (either black or orange tops!) and a sticker featuring the Tokyo Treat mascot!


I love Tokyo Treat – they really have got the balance of a good snack box down. There’s always a good mix of savory and sweet, and the added drink and DIY are my favorite parts to try each month! What did you think of Tokyo Treat’s Halloween themed October box?

Visit Tokyo Treat to subscribe or find out more!


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