Yummy Bazaar September 2016 Subscription Box Review – Mini Box

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Yummy Bazaar is a Destination Food Club Subscription Box.  For the awesomely low price of $9.95 a month you can get the Yummy Bazaar Mini (Sampler Monthly Gourmet Club).


The box is packed full of good things to eat from all sections of the globe.  There were truffle items from Germany and the USA, and other items from Italy, USA and Spain.


Yummy Bazaar also offers a full size gourmet food stuffs box that concentrates on a specific country each month.  Check it out here.



The product information sheet had lots of good information.  After each item is listed it gives you the retail price, the country of origin, a blurb about the item and the ingredients of the item.


These were so good!!  German Potato Chips with Real Truffles by Seuss ($2.95) were the first thing I pulled out of the box.  They are made with real truffles, premium potatoes, and no artificial flavorings or colorings.


Full disclosure, I have never had truffle anything before.  But, I think I like it.  The flavor reminded me of black pepper, but without the heat.  I ate them slow, savoring each bite and then I was suddenly looking around wondering who ate all of my chips.  Seriously.  I need more.  Ordering them now.


Next up was this Rosemary Truffle Popcorn by PopArt Snacks ($1.95) from the USA.  Another lovely truffle item.  Mmmm hmmm.


Again, so good.  The salt, the truffle flavor, the crunch of the popcorn.  It all combines for a delicious snacking experience.


These Premium Italian Natural Fruit Gels by Bombi ($3.95) were in the box.


These are light, refreshing and sweet.  Basically premium gumdrops, they were very good.  The centers were light tender gumminess surrounded by the crunch of sugar granules.


These Japanese Fruit Jelly In a Cup by Ace Bakery ($4.95) were in the box.  These are made of real juice.  They recommend that you chill them before consuming.  They were a cool little treat to satisfy a sudden sweet tooth attack.



This is really cool.  This Jalapeno Gourmet Hot Sauce by Formosa ($2.49) is made in California by the Lopez family from their 30-year-old family recipe.  It’s vegan, gluten free, and all natural with no artificial preservatives.  Hot stuff usually ain’t my thang, but this wasn’t half bad.  The cilantro in it makes the flavor worth the heat for me.  And, luckily today was national Taco Day according to the internet (which is never wrong).  So, tacos and hot sauce it is.


The last thing that was in my Yummy Bazaar Mini box was this Salad Kit by Valdezarza ($.60) from Spain.  I am totally out of lettuce, but I am going to bust this open tomorrow after I visit the grocery store.  The kit includes Cold Extraction Virgin Olive Oil, Sherry Vinegar, and Sea Salt.

I really enjoyed the Yummy Bazaar Sampler box.  It was nice to sample the fare of different countries.  I am admittedly more sheltered than most, but I had never tried truffle and I loved it.  This box is a great deal for $9.95 that allows you to snack the world.

Have you tried the Yümmy Bazaar Sampler box?  What did you think of this month’s goodies?

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The Subscription: Yummy Bazaar
The Description: Discover some of the most authentic and delicious foods from around the world, delivered to your doorstep. In the Mini box, each month receive 6-8 snack size products from a delicious country, with one product being full size (The Full Experience includes all full-size products).  Ordinarily, each month features a new country — the holiday boxes have focused on multiple countries within each box.
The Price: $35.95 per month for the Full Experience; $9.95 per month for the mini box.  This review covered the Mini box.
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  • Chanell

    $10.00 is a steal for this box. I think I may have to subscribe to this1

    • Amy M

      I know right? They had me at the truffle chips…….

      • Brandy

        You know (??) I hate mushrooms but I love these. And anything truffle! What a winner for $10 a month!