Love With Food October 2016 Deluxe Box Review + Coupon

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Love with Food‘s theme for October was Love is Wicked! Love With Food is a fun snack discovery subscription available in three versions: classic tasting box, deluxe/family size, and gluten-free. We purchase the Deluxe box, because we have a big family and more snacks = more fun!

For 2016, each month of Love With Food will feature a “Love Is…” theme! FYI, you can see our reviews of all 3 varieties of Love With Food boxes here.

Love with Food now ships Internationally!


The information card no longer lists the individual items, which was a bit of a bummer because it had a nice information key for all the items.


The September box was packed full of tasty snacks!

There were a ton of coupons in the box too!


Westminster Cracker Company Whole Wheat Crackers: These little crunchy snacks are from one of my favorite bakeries – they make hearty, authentic oyster/soup crackers, and I was pretty pumped to see them in Whole Wheat – I think that the nutty whole grain taste is perfect for the heavy soups of fall and winter. My 2-year-old agreed and we finished these off without even eating any soup!


Beanitos Garden Fresh Salsa White Bean Chips plus Sweet Chili & Sour Cream White Bean Chips: It might not be a LWF box without Beanitos (they tend to appear pretty frequently!). Good thing we love them – they have great flavors, a nice bit of protein, and they’re the perfect answer to the healthier chip dilemma!


Lundberg Family Farms Sea Salt Rice Chips: Here’s another brand that I love everything they do! These are just a great all around brown rice snacking chip!


One Potato Two Potato Plain Jaynes Sweet Potato Chips: Just “plain jayne” sweet potato chips – these are thick and crunchy and never made their way out of my office!


Dick + Jane Baking Company Presidents Educational Snacks: They say no cookies in lunch boxes but… we never have any complaints about these (and please lunch police, talk to my hand if you complain about my whole grain cookies and not fruit roll-ups!). For me, these are fun, tasty, and a good nut-free snack!


Brown & Haley Almond Roca: This has been in quite a few boxes and I was excited to see it again – it’s super delicious buttercrunch toffee rolled in chocolate and studded with almonds.

Annie B’s Butter Rum & Apple Caramel: These are just so good! They’re sticky for sure, but I love the shape and their flavors are so good. I was especially pleased at receiving butter rum and apple during fall, and it made me dream of alternating these candies with apples but I couldn’t really wait to just eat them!


AWAKE Energy Granola Bar: I’m very much “mom” when I talk about this box because we get the large one for our family and the kids take at least half the snacks. So I need to issue a mom alert on this one – it has a half cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine in the bar. I don’t like food with caffeine in it all that much and I guess I’m saving this one for when I run out of Coke Zero.


Everly Strawberry Lemonade Pitcher Pack: Everly is a great natural alternative to Crystal Light, and they sent a 3-pitcher box! It’s sweetened with Stevia and just a kid-friendly (and anyone-friendly) way to get that water in.


Brothers All-Natural Mickey Mouse Halloween Freeze-Dried Fuji Apple Crisps: These are absolutely delicious (I’ve had them before) – but make no mistake, they are reserved for my 2-year-old for a special on-the-go snack!

Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Fingers: Also appearing frequently in Love With Food boxes, Walkers Shortbread! These are delicious and buttery and now I can’t help but think of how I could combine these and Annie’s for a ridiculous snack. Do you ever experiment with the snacks in your Love With Food boxes?


Divina Fig Spread: This simple fig spread is primarily figs, sweetened with cane and turbinado sugar and the natural taste of this Aegean fruit shone through.

My husband spoiled me and created a fig, caramelized red onion, and cinnamon apple goat cheese pizza! (The slabs on top aren’t meat, and you can get the goat cheese from Trader Joe’s). It was sublime! I’ll use the other container with some gouda!

We think this is a fun, family-friendly snack discovery box. In our experience, the value of the box runs about $15, lower than the cost of the box, but we do review our items for points and subscribe with an annual subscription, which brings the cost down to $16.50 per month. For that price, we find this box more than palatable, and we love finding new snacks to share and enjoy together! Or keep to ourselves, as the case may be. This is a box that always brings us together in one way or another!

Use this link to save 25% on your first Love With Food Deluxe box! Or on your first month of the Gluten-Free box!

As always, Love With Food donates meals to charity with each box purchased.

Visit Love with Food to subscribe or find out more.

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