First Sip Brew Box October 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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First Sip Brew Box is a wonderful subscription service for the collector of items from craft breweries. I love craft beer and this box makes me want to check out some of the great things happening across the United States.


This box is full of items. This is an incredible value!


Craft Pittsburgh Magazine. I like seeing what is happening in other cities. I live in the Southwest so I get a lot of West Coast beers and festival news but I enjoy seeing what is happening elsewhere. There are some cool articles about beers, brewers, and restaurants.


Speaking of Pittsburgh, they had a Taco Festival and now there’s a sticker to commemorate it. Living in Arizona, tacos are part of the normal diet and we have some amazing choices. I’m interested to find out what tacos in Pittsburgh would be like.


Brode Electrolyte Vitamins. Yes, beer is made with water but it can dehydrate you. Make sure you drink water and get your electrolytes so you can keep going (and maybe prevent a terrible hangover).

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A nice Thank You note from the curators.

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Strangeways Brewing Pin, Sticker and Temporary Tattoo. This is the featured brewery this month and these aren’t the only items. I really like the logo!

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Strangeways Brewing Coaster and Koozie. Front and back looks of both great looking items. This is an appropriate time to be associated with the word strange with a big budget movie and an awesome show on Netflix.


Strangeways Brewing Winter Hat. What a cool looking hat!!! Strangeways Brewing has some incredible looking items and I know exactly where I’m going if I am anywhere near Richmond, VA. I would really like to hear from some people in the area to tell me about their beers.


Strangeways Brewing Glass. This is a beautiful looking glass with a gold lip. I like the that the logo is on one side and the name of the brewery is on the other.

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First Sip included a sticker, business card, promotional offer and also a mystery. Have you solved it yet?


Jack-O-Lantern Notebook. Good for beer notes and other reminders.

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Brew Candy by Swag Brewery. I tasted these with a couple other people. One kind of liked it, another immediately spit it out. Mine tasted kind of sweet at first but the aftertaste is what I imagine a college dormitory beer pong table tastes like the morning after.

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Fall Spice Whoopie Pies. Made with Drunkin Nunkin from East End Brewing Company by Prohibition Pastries. These were delicious! I was a little sad I decided to share as they aren’t real big. The overall consensus was beyond positive on these tasty treats.

First Sip Brew Box really impressed me.  There are lots of items and much of it will come in handy.  I recommend checking them out, especially if you love discovering new craft beer breweries!

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The Subscription: First Sip Brew Box
The Description: First Sip Brew Box specializes in sharing the Craft Beer story! We have partnered with breweries from all around the world to bring their stories to your doorstep. Enjoy unique Craft Beer inspired products, late breaking Brewery news, trends in craft beer! Here at First Sip Brew Box we are committed to diversifying your flavor profile!
The Price: $24.99 per month


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  • Anonymous

    Recently, I was able to sample some awesome beer jelly offered by First sip when they had a display at Penn brewery! Best beer jelly I’ve ever tasted! In hindsight, I should have bought them all instead of putting myself through the nearly impossible task of closing just 3! Everyone I’ve allowed a taste of my jelly too has been impressed and interested in purchasing their own (because all they can have of mine is a taste). I love it and will be purchasing more!