Kidpik September 2016 Subscription Box Review

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Kidpik September 2016 box

Kidpik is a styling subscription box for girls sizes 4-14 that is offered with no subscription, styling, or and shipping fees. (It’s like Stitch Fix for girls, but with no styling fee!) You will be sent a box up to 8 times per year at no cost, and you’ll only be charged once you pick the items you want to keep. There’s also no return fee to send items back, so your daughter can ultimately decide which items are hers to keep.

Kidpik September 2016 (1)

Kidpik promises to always bring pretty things inside their boxes. If you don’t like what they’ve sent your daughter, they give you 7 days to pick the items you want to keep or return. You’ll need to login to your account online to complete the checkout process within a week, if not, your credit card will be charged for the complete box. A 30% discount will automatically apply upon checkout.

My daughter chose the colors and styles she wanted for her box in an extensive style profile that covered styles, colors, types of clothing, length of outfits, and complete sizing information.

The survey is simple and my 7 year old was able to fill out the entire thing by herself (and she was so excited about it!). I updated it with her current sizes for her Fall box!

Kidpik September 2016 unboxing

The entire box, with the keep-it-all discount, is on average $85, with 5-7 high quality items included. If you decide to keep everything, each item will cost approximately $12.50.

Kidpik September 2016 (7)

The box includes a list of the items, their prices, and the broken out price for each item if you keep the entire box. These prices are super reasonable and the shopping is devastatingly easy.

Kidpik September 2016 (6)

The box includes a return envelope and a coloring sheet.

I was a little confused because all mentions of the donation process were missing. The Kidpik site says the following – I hope it still applies!

We came up with a plan for your girl to help a girl in need.

Complete checkout by paying for the entire box and receive a 30% discount. Select the items you wish to donate, and return the unworn merchandise in the enclosed free return envelope (included in your box). Affix the donation sticker included in your box to the outside of your return envelope.

kidpik will facilitate your donation through our charity partnership.

So if it makes sense to keep the entire box, just return anything you don’t want, and Kidpik will donate it for you!

Kidpik September 2016 (8)

There’s also a small booklet that your daughter can color inside.

Kidpik September 2016 unboxed

Everything was packed really neatly and anything that could possibly snag clothing was packed in sturdy reusable bags!

Kidpik September 2016 review

All the items in the box! I adjusted my daughter’s style profile ever so slightly for more girly items this quarter – she’s getting into those tween years and has been selecting items from her closet with a little more flair.

Kidpik September 2016 (2)
Kidpik also added other bonus items inside the box. This is a fun bracelet and we loved the colors!

Kidpik September 2016 (9)

Butterfly Tees ($16.50) A super fun and sparkly tee! This one is perfect for my 7 year old! It’s soft, fun, and most importantly, contains the perfect tween butterfly trope.

Kidpik September 2016 (11)

Ditsy Floral Ruffle Skirt ($19.50) This was a hit with our girl. For whatever reason she doesn’t like really short skirts so she loved the length! The ruffles and flowers were also a hit!

Kidpik September 2016 (4)

I’m just going to dig up your lawn now dad!

Kidpik September 2016 (10)

Rhinestone Dolman Tee ($10.50) I wanted to steal this shirt from her. It’s crazy soft and I thought the rhinestones were really fun. It was a little on the thin side though – I think it’s time for mom to purchase some camisoles. In a related growing girl note, I picked up this book for her and highly recommend it, along with this feelings book.

Kidpik September 2016 (12)

Straight Jean ($15.50) I was so sure these weren’t going to fit. My daughter is on the round side, but not plus size, so we get the clothes a little larger to accommodate her body type. These are really long and sized for a thin, much taller girl. They are, however, pretty stretchy.

Kidpik September 2016 (13)

There’s a cute K logo on the back.

Kidpik September 2016 (3)

A little bunched at the bottom, but they’ll work for when we need jeans. There’s a “please do not include jeans” tickbox that I just checked – she finds leggings so much more comfortable and I can’t blame her!

Kidpik September 2016 (4)

Christine Bootie Kids ($27.50) So adorable cutie bootie! I admit that I’m a pretty functional mom when it comes to shoes – I buy sneakers, any necessary dress shoes, and sandals in the summer. I would have never planned out a purchase of these but we’re super glad they arrived in her box.

Kidpik September 2016 (5)

That bow!

Kidpik September 2016 (2)

They’re comfortable and easy to put on because of the zipper.

Kidpik September 2016 (14)

Lace A Line Dress ($26.50) Christmas dress shopping DONE! Thanks Kidpik!

Kidpik September 2016 (15)

This is a sleek mod little confection with a super sparkly lace body, fully lined, and a fantastic faux metallic leather neckline.

Kidpik September 2016 (3)

Double Rhinestone Headband ($9.50) To round out the sparkle a fun rhinestone headband was included.

Kidpik September 2016 (1)

This was a total hit! She’s wearing the sandals from her last Kidpik with the outfit too! I thought this box was really good and I’m glad I altered her style mix a little – she didn’t end up wearing a few of the items from the last box all that much. FYI – Kidpik has introduced their basics service so you can shop for more items. I wish you could add them to the box though to avoid a shipping charge.

Kidpik isn’t available yet for boys – they launched with girls first but there are strong indications that they’ll expand to boys too in the future!

What do you think about Kidpik?

Visit Kidpik to subscribe or find out more!

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  • Anifa musanga

    I need to cancel the kidpik orders coz I do not need it now and I need to be unsubscribe from the website

    • Valerie

      Hi Anifa, we aren’t affiliated with Kidpik, we just review the subscription. You will need to reach out to them directly to unsubscribe. 🙂

  • Martina Hollinger

    I have had KidPik for 3 months now and I am absolutely cancelling my subscription! It has been issue after issue with them. My first order they sent the wrong size pants. I went onto my account to make sure I selected the right size and I had. So I contacted them about the issue, they tell me I can exchange for the right size. I did;t I just sent them back but did keep one item. I needed up getting charged multiple times for that item, I contact them again, they in turn tell me that I had multiple accounts and that is why. Hmmm, ok. They did refund the money. Now my second box I get the wrong size pants again. I didn’t even have my daughter try on any of the clothes I bagged them right up and sent them back. But I was charged for one pair of pants. Mind yo they are the wrong size AGAIN but they are telling me I never returned them. They said they would review the video of the unpacking of my return, that it would take 24-48hours. &2 hours go by and I call them, the man on the phone tells me he will review the video right there on the phone with me. He says he doesn’t see the pants. I told him, why would I keep pants that re the wrong size and when I sent EVERYTHING else back in the package? Does this make logical sense? Never the less, it’s my fault again and not the companies and I am being charged for pants we do not have. I had him cancel my subscription over the phone.

  • Tia Shadforth

    what day and date does kidpik come

    • Tia Shadforth

      what if you get the wrong order

  • Tia Shadforth

    how do you order from kidpik

    • Brandy

      Hi Tia – You go to their site and hit “get started” to fill out your profile. It doesn’t have a set date, although you can set the frequency inside your account. The clothes you received are styled for your child. You can pick which ones to keep and anything you don’t want to keep you can return, although there’s a nice discount for keeping the whole box.