NatureBox July 2016 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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 NatureBox July 2016 box
NatureBox is one of the oldest monthly snack subscription boxes out there, and we are still loving the snacks! Every month you’ll receive 5 snacks and can add on additional premium snacks (or sometimes sale snacks!). You can create a “pantry” queue of snacks to receive.
NatureBox July 2016 unboxing
Every so often Nature Box switches up its subscription management – FYI – you can double your box to 10 snacks and get it monthly or bi-monthly. Neat!
 NatureBox July 2016 (1)
 The information sheet provides a list of all the goodies this month, plus the addons I ordered, which are fairly cheap (usually $3). The White Cheddar popcorn was missing, but they sent it out immediately upon inquiry.
Well, they sent one anyways!
They do have excellent customer service when they mess up! And YOW that popcorn is SPICY! Really delicious, and really spicy.

NatureBox July 2016 reviewEverything in our July box!  The snack bowls come in two-packs.

IMG_5011Cashew Crumble – This is some kind of crack and it’s hard not to eat the entire bag. They’re cookie-coated cashews. They’re sort of a ridiculous snack! This is not the first time we’ve ordered it up, nor will it be the last!

NatureBox July 2016 (3)
 Aged Cheddar Lentil Loops:  Cheddar meets lentil!  Skeptics should not readily dismiss the deliciousness of lentil flour — it provides superb texture and has a savory but mild flavor.  It works quite well for snacks like this, as it provides superior crunch without any greasiness.
naturebox march 2016 IMG_5481
Vanilla Bean Wafers:  A healthier take on the classic vanilla wafer, these are made with unbleached flour, real butter and vanilla beans, and a touch of flax and whey protein. These cookies are irresistible and the taste is up there with gourmet cookies! Our baby loves these cookies!
NatureBox July 2016 (2)
 These bowls are a newer item — they are perfect little meals to keep at work!  They are very quick and easy to make — you only add water and cook for a minute and a half.  Due to rigorous real world testing we don’t have photos. (I forgot). I will tell you that these have the tendency to boil over after about a minute in a work microwave (as opposed to the 90 seconds they call for).
Quinoa & Couscous With Summer Veggies:  We liked this variety quite a bit.  The quinoa keeps the texture lively, keeping the couscous from becoming too soft.  The veggies are chopped quite fine — you get bits of red bell pepper, carrot, and zucchini. I passed the second one to a friend with a work lunchmergency who reported that it was fantastic and a lifesaver!
Italian Pasta & Bean Soup:  We weren’t as crazy about this one. Pasta with some navy and pinto beans, bits of veggies, and parmesan cheese. Wouldn’t reorder – rare for this box!
Mac & Cheese with Veggies:   We were very pleased with the mac & cheese.  It’s all natural and even has some peas, carrots, and bell pepper pieces, too.  It was super tasty when we tried it out and caused no boil-overs! This is our second time ordering and we’d do it again!
NatureBox July 2016 (4)
 Mini Cocoa Belgian Waffles:  These have the same great tender-crisp texture of the very timid regular mini Belgian waffles, but the flavor vacuum is filled with a nice dose of rich cocoa.  Like the regular version, they are not particularly sweet, but they are addictive nonetheless. Our baby was MAD about these! He wouldn’t share!
NatureBox July 2016 (5)
 Cocoa Cashew Crisp:  This is a peculiar combo that works very well.  The clusters are much like granola without the loose oats or add-ins like raisins and seeds.  Instead, it incorporates crisped rice, which lightens the overall texture considerably.  The only problem with this snack is resisting the temptation to fish out all the cocoa dusted cashews!  The nuts are very high quality, and covering them with sweet cocoa does nothing to detract from their tastiness.
NatureBox July 2016 (6)
 Creme Brulee Peanuts:  These are my new favorite!  The core of each morsel is a mild roasted peanut.  The shell, however, is pure magic — it is buttery and sweet, and it actually crackles like a creme brulee topping.  The overall appeal of the snack is similar to that of Boston Baked Beans, but the coating is infinitely more elegant.  They taste like a very lightly salted and very sweet honey roasted peanut, but with a magnificent candy shell.
I love the variety of Nature Box snacks and that there’s something crave-worthy for every member of the family.   We are actually pretty amazed that the subscription has been around for ages and yet still comes out with innovative and very delicious new choices pretty much every month.  This box is particularly great for families with kids because of the lack of artificial stuff in the snacks!
The Subscription: NatureBox
The Description: In each Naturebox Discovery Box you get 15-20 servings total from 5 different seasonally themed natural snacks. No HFCS, no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors! No partially hydrogenated crap.
The Price: $20.00 per month
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NatureBox makes smart, delicious snacking easy! They deliver over 100 bold, satisfying choices right to your door and add new snacks every month so there’s always something to try and discover. All of our snacks do not use artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated oils. The annual membership fee will immediately go back into your shopper's account as store credit (NOTE: store credit expires monthly!)

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  • Susan Burge (@georgiarealist)

    I’m surprised about the Italian Pasta & Bean Soup – that’s something I’d expect to really like. And you’re right about lentil flour. Although I’ve never found one of the bean snacks (Beanfields and such) that I liked or that didn’t have an aftertaste, I’ve had and enjoyed several lentil crackers. Those sound good. If I weren’t already having trouble keeping up with my subscription snacks, I’d be very tempted.

    • Brandy

      They are a little easier to use up with 3 kids in the house 🙂 Tom must have chipmunked the rest of the peanuts. I got one taste. I’m going to add them back in our queue!

      • Susan Burge (@georgiarealist)

        My daughter is talking about moving back up here with me. It should help some, although we don’t necessarily like the same things (which may be a good thing). Still, I think Universal Yum Yums box, Love with Food Deluxe box and Graze plus Try the World is about all we can manage. We’re not trying to gain weight, after all!

        That baby of yours is going to develop some interesting eating habits.