My Lemon Crate June 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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My Lemon Crate is an essential oil monthly subscription box.  In each box, they send everything needed to make 3-5 complete recipes (e.g., health and beauty products, items for around the home, etc.) each month.  The boxes cost $29/month.  Let’s see what’s inside!


Here’s what I saw opening the box – the yellow squiggle paper was a perfect lemon color.  I also liked how clean and crisp everything looked.


On the inside of the box, there is a placard that introduces the theme and lists the included projects.  This month’s theme is Travel Care.  Previous month’s themes have included “Green Up Your Routine” (cleaning supplies) and “Surf + Sand (aloe spray and sunscreen).

Here’s a look at everything in the box.  I’m new to making essential oil products at home (but a big fan of using essential oil goods…) So, I was happy to see that all of the projects were clearly labeled as to both what the item was AND what project it would be used for.  Additionally, My Lemon Crate makes it super easy to do the projects.  The instructions (available on Pinterest, Youtube, and by email to subscribers) are clear and simple.20160609_153630

Inside the little muslim bag is a collection of essential oils to use in the projects.  Look at this beautiful variety of oils!  My Lemon Crate promises to send therapeutic grade essential oils.

Additionally, My Lemon Crate sends all of the other premium natural ingredients, containers, and tools (like this funnel) required to complete the projects.  Although the box contains everything necessary to make each of the projects, the recipes give ingredient details amounts so that you can continue to make the projects even after the supplied materials are used up.  The recipes also provide tips for remaking – super helpful.   Let’s look at this month’s projects!

Germ Wipes:  These are the essential oil version of “wet wipes” – a nice alternative to those chemically things that are so useful to have in the car for a million reasons.  This handy little plastic container came prefilled with cut towels.  To make the wipes, I just had to mix together the listed oil ingredients with some distilled water and then pour over to saturate the wipes.  Easy peasy – the wipes smell nice and include palmarosa, an oil that has anti-fungal properties.20160609_153447

Immune Shield:  This project comes with a nice little roller bottle.  The recipe card told me the amounts of various oils to mix together in the bottle, as well as how to use the completed product.  The essential oils used have a variety of anti-oxidant and germ killing properties.  20160609_153528

Quease Ease:  This project came with a cotton wick (to soak with the prescribed oil mixture) and a plastic container to keep the soaked wick.  I was excited to see this, as my family is going on a cruise this summer and one of my daughter’s occasionally has some motion sickness.  I’m definitely going to try this out — peppermint and ginger are known to have a calming effect on the stomach; it’s nice to have an alternative to motion sickness pills.20160609_153508

Sunset Shimmer Lip Gloss:  This was the most complicated of the recipes…and it was still super simple.  This project came with a lip gloss container and applicator. 20160609_153543 Additionally, the recipe called for wax, pigment, and essential oils.  After melting the wax in the microwave with the castor/vanilla oil, I mixed in the tangerine essential oil and the pigment.  Yep – it was that simple!20160614_093329

Here’s what the lip gloss looks like in the container.  20160614_084703

And here is the completed lip gloss on my wrist.  It’s a light, summery color with some sparkle to it (from the mica).  It goes on very smoothly and smells delicious – yum, tangerine vanilla!

Bottom Line:  I enjoyed my first experience with My Lemon Crate.  As the website says, My Lemon Crate is a good way to discover new ways to use essential oils without having to figure it all out on my own and without having to go and be overwhelmed at the store looking for the ingredients and materials.  This is a great, stress-free introduction to working with essential oils!  It was fun, easy, and I have some great products to use this summer now.

Visit My Lemon Crate to subscribe or find out more! Save 20% on your first month with coupon code Hello20.

The Subscription: My Lemon Crate
The Description: Discover new ways to use essential oils with our tried-and-true recipes, hand picked and sent monthly. No stress; No sourcing materials , ingredients, and containers; No long hours searching for just the right recipe. Explore new ways to incorporate essential oils, making products that suit your lifestyle on your schedule.
The Price: $29.00 per month


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