ORIGINONE May 2016 Stationery Box Subscription Review

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I love treats from foreign lands and I love stationery, so the ORIGINONE stationery box was right up my alley! For the low price of 1000 Rupees you can get a small monthly box, or for 2000 Rupees, a large one (that’s about USD $15 or $30, respectively). Shipping is 1200 Rs so it’s probably worth your while to grab the big box. It’s a pretty cool box, black and decorated with different typefaces–and it’s always exciting to get something that’s come through customs!


They pack a lot into the box as well. This month was not particularly colorful, pretty much everything was black. Which is okay by me, and fitting with the overall “attitude” of the box overall.


There were definitely a ton of goodies here–and a wide variety, too!


First up was the wine bottle gift bag. I don’t give other people wine. I drink it. So I’m not sure how useful this is, but I hear tales of other folks who bring wine to parties and such, so there you go. It’s a pretty standard wine gift bag, in black. The QR code goes to their website!


Okay, full disclosure: I had no idea what this was. My daughter thinks its a paper photo frame. So, she gets to keep it and use it for that!


The box also includes the obligatory button–seems like many boxes are into putting in buttons these days, which is cool. My kids love them, so there you go.


Now we’re starting to get into the stationery proper. The box included this “heart” card which was quickly purloined by my daughter before I could barely even get a look at it! So, I consider that a hit.


I’ve always thought including coasters in a stationery box was, well, weird. I mean, yes, they are made out of paper and all, but still. However, I have to say, I’ve been using this on my desk at work and I actually love it. It’s very heavy and does a great job as a coaster, so maybe I’ll take back my comments about it. Sorry, coaster, I love you.


Up next was the “plain black double height memo block” which is, just as it say, a block of small memo pages, again in stylish black. The immediate problem here, as you might guess, is that the pages are black. So black, blue, pencil, etc. don’t show up well, or at all. Fortunately, there’s a solution: the white pen. You have one, right? Well, I do…


So, I think these are totally cool. The white ink shows up great, and you’ll be one of the few people around writing notes on black paper, I bet! The only thing I would mention is that, since many of you probably don’t geek out as hard on pens as I do, and therefore don’t have a white pen (or three) laying around, it would have been very cool for them to have included one.


It wouldn’t be a stationery box without some notebooks to love! And these are nice ones, too. First is a small (about 3″ x 5″) hard bound notebook, with a book mark and a band for closing it, and the ORIGINONE logo screened in black ink on the cover. It’s a great form factor, if you ask me, as it slips perfectly into a pocket, so I love carrying these around. And I like the black, cloth bound cover, too. Very stylish. My only “complaint” is that it’s graph paper, and I prefer ruled or blank. But that’s a small issue and many people do like the graph paper.


The final notebook is a soft-cover, 5.5″ x 8″ notebook, with the logo screened in white. It’s also a nice notebook–again, graph paper. But the paper quality is nice and overall, it’s a nice sized notebook as well. Bigger than the “pocket” notebook, but still very easy to cary and stylish looking.

Overall, I think the ORIGINONE Stationery box is really fantastic. There was a ton of stuff in the box and a wide enough variety to include something for everyone. When you couple that with the exotic “from India” twist, which is not something you get a lot here in the States, I think it’s a really great stationery box. My personal favs were the black memo block and the smaller, pocket notebook. Both are now in my “regular rotation” of daily use!

What did you think of the box?

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  • Virginia

    Enjoyed your comments on each item. I have often wondered why graph paper in notebooks. Do people use them to write on or just “graph”?

  • Valerie

    The photo frame is basically a prop to use when taking selfies/pics – that’s why they want you to take pics, upload them to social media (like instagram) and tag them with the hashtag mentioned. 🙂