Scent Trunk for Men Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2016

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Scent Trunk Men March 2016 Box

This collection from Scent Trunk contained enchanting selections that mellowed into an aquatic, ambergris-inspired musk; a powdery, warm, floral bouquet; and a sunny, dry, woody accord.   Scent Trunk is a scent discovery subscription. They offer both a men’s and women’s version. Every month you’ll receive 3 niche scents to experience, try out, and enjoy!  Fill out a brief profile on their site and you’ll receive a customized box of fragrances. They have a beautiful new website as well.

Scent Truck Men Box April 2016 box

The three fragrances come in a transparent (organza?)bag inside a little box. You’ll get 6mL of each fragrance.

Scent Truck Men Box April 2016

There are 3 information cards in the box – one for each fragrance, and you can spray them with the scents and make your own little card catalog. The cards have information on each scent, the longevity, and the sillage, which describes how far the perfume ingredients disperse (are you just smelling it or is everyone smelling it?), and the price. You get to sample extremely expensive fragrances in this one.

The tester cards are handy for a couple reasons — they let you separate the scents (which is very difficult when testing them all on your skin), and they let you test the sillage (which is nearly impossible without a separate test card).  You’ll still want to actually wear the scents, though — the character of the fragrance can be quite different on skin.

Scent Truck Men Box April 2016 review

Each of the sprayers has a cap and a label to identify the fragrance.

London 1969 by 4160 Tuesdays:  This fragrance opens with a refreshingly clear lemon note that mellows into a more floral tone. Cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, and musk lay down a sunny, dry, and slightly tannic base, with the musk outlasting the other notes.

Derring-Do by Ineke:  Lead by soft citrus and aquatic notes, magnolia and fern dominate the body of the fragrance in a floral/mossy accord.  Slight hints of cardamom and pepper occasionally emerge, and the whole is underpinned by a slightly musty blend of musk, Virginia cedar, and guaiac wood.  A powdery diffusion occurs as the notes fade and blend with time.

Midnight Leather by Note Fragrances:  Spicy, sweet, and slightly astringent, this fragrance emits a captivating presence.  Blood orange and ginger create some interest in the top note, while the body of the fragrance is a blend of warm leather, dry sandalwood, and sweet vetiver.  Hints of patchouli and coffee add depth, but the cutting fragrance of the juniper has surprisingly lasting power, hanging in with the sweet and dry notes.

This was a fascinating and enjoyable collection, and I would wear any of these fragrances without hesitation.  I liked the way each leveraged a fading citrus note to brighten the dry or musky notes that come to dominate.
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The Subscription: Scent Trunk for Men
The Description: We don’t wear the same clothes every day, so why wear the same scent? With Scent Trunk, you get a variety of fragrances, every month. Each box is customized to your unique tastes, so you’ll love every box. You fill out a Profile which let’s the Scent Trunk team know what you like, then, they scour the world to find the most unique fragrances which will suit you. Fragrance is the ultimate fashion accessory, and like fashion, we’re all different. Scent has the power to change moods and evoke emotions, so 1.5% of sales go towards fighting mental illness. Women’s also available.
The Price: $18.00 per month


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