Snatch Beef Jerky Subscription Box Review

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snatch beef jerky box

SNATCH Beef Jerky is a monthly subscription that delivers premium, low sodium beef jerky directly to you.  All their jerkies are made with natural ingredients — SNATCH jerky contains no preservatives, MSG, or nitrates, and it’s made with grass-fed beef raised with no steroids or growth hormones.  I was astounded to see how low-sodium it is, too.  While most jerky on the market is 400-800 mg of sodium per serving, SNATCH jerky ranges from 50-270 mg.  snatch beef jerky review

We received five three ounce bags of jerky, each with a different flavor.  I was really impressed at how distinct each flavor was — the ingredients differed greatly from one flavor to the next, each a unique, well-balanced creation. snatch beef jerky IMG_3690

SNATCH Jerky Original Peppered:  This was, for me, the closest to a traditional jerky.  Light on the sweetness, the base flavors have the traditional soy/Worcestershire dark base, with a nice dose of black peppercorn.  The two peppered jerkies were slightly chewier than the other varieties — I’m not sure if this is a product of the recipes, or just coincidence.

SNATCH Jerky Traditional Western:  This blend had all the traditional flavors, including tamarind, plus a heavy dose of brown sugar.  I found the sweetness to be the defining characteristic, rather than the smoke of other elements.  A very tasty and tender jerky.

snatch beef jerky IMG_3595

SNATCH Jerky Whiskey Row:  The whiskey flavor is very distinct and discernible — it is so fresh, that it seems like the finished jerky was given a splash right before packaging.  Great flavor, with the classic jerky profile complementing the beautiful whiskey notes superbly.

snatch beef jerky IMG_3547

SNATCH Jerky Peppered Ale:  A well-balanced jerky, with the ale not overpowered by the pepper.  Unlike much beer-infused gastronomy, the ale has a clear and nicely-incorporated presence.

SNATCH Jerky Orange Teriyaki:  I love the adjustment of ingredients made to effect the teriyaki flavor — straight soy replaces the soy/Worcestershire blend, changing the flavor base.  Orange oil adds a bright orange flavor akin to orange zest, effecting an “orange beef” type flavor.  Tender and addictively good.

I was incredibly impressed with SNATCH jerky.  I couldn’t believe that the jerky was very low in sodium versus standard jerky and made from grass-fed beef.  The latter produces a lean and often chewier meat — this jerky had great chew, but it was also a bit tender and moist.  The low sodium is even more impressive.  Even without MSG or tons of salt, the jerky was incredibly flavorful — probably the most crisply and distinctively flavored jerky I’ve had.  Each flavor was vivid and unique from the others.  The name is a bit odd but I love SNATCH jerky!

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The Subscription: SNATCH Brand Beef Jerky
The Description: Low Sodium, High Protein Gourmet Craft Beef Jerky delivered to your door every month. Healthy and delicious, we offer 5 very different flavors. If you like a variety of flavor in your beef jerky that’s what we offer. Find a flavor or two you like the best and want to receive those flavors only, we can do that also. SNATCH brand beef jerky is the “healthy beef jerky”. Snatch a bag today!
The Price: $39.00 per month


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