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steve spangler water wizardry box

Spangler Science Club is a monthly subscription box that provides kids with multiple hands-on science experiments to perform at home.  The kit is designed by Steve Spengler, himself a science teacher, so the kit and each activity in it are scientifically and pedagogically sound.

steve spangler water wizardry unboxing

It is truly amazing how much fits in the shoebox-sized kit.

steve spangler water wizardry review

Everything in the box.  You receive everything you need (other than water and some large dishes) to carry out the many experiments detailed in the booklets.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_1074

The booklet serves as a comprehensive guide to each activity, listing the items required, as well as step by step instructions.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_1075

I love the structure of the activities — each activity or experiment is designed to engage your child’s scientific reasoning, asking them to make predictions, explain phenomena, and test their hypotheses.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_1076

The book is loaded with activities.  The several packets of powders provided in the box are used in several different activities, so you get a lot of mileage out of the kit.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_1077

Photo illustrations are thoughtfully used to help guide you through the exercises and identify the key observations.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_1078

While the main booklet uses illustrations and short blurbs to keep the young scientists on track, the Top Secret manual has tips and secret tricks for the adult helpers.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_1079

The Top Secret guide has even more activities, and it also explains some of the scientific principles in more depth.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_1080

The booklet is designed to enhance the experience of the young scientists, but it is written for the adults, as well, adding insight that makes the kit a fun learning experience for everyone.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_1071

The Water Wizardry box came with a ton of water-absorbent beads and jellies.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_1072

As well as containers to hold the experiments.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_8853

Our daughter loved reading through the instructions and setting up each experiment.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_8855

Here, the kids are getting a kick out of the cup full of “water” that has been upended overhead.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_8856

The substances used in each experiment are safe to handle, so the projects are really engaging and encourage hands-on involvement. steve spangler water wizardry IMG_8857

Tracing the croc to measure him before putting him out for a soak.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_8858

The initial observation, recorded.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_1321

After a day, the size is recorded a second time.  Everything is hands on, but I liked the additional focus in this activity — the kids were introduced to repeated recording of observations over time.  I thought this was an interesting way to introduce a central scientific activity, and the croc’s growth was substantial enough to make each measurement exciting.

steve spangler water wizardry more snow  steve spangler water wizardry snow growingMaking snow never gets old when you are six.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_1324

The box had ample amounts of everything, so the kids had plenty to play without jeopardizing any activities.’

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_1325

The kit did a great job of evolving each activity into the next.  Once the gel crystals were created, we added color to conduct even more experiments.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_1328

A small, transparent cube is all but invisible in this glass (until colored powder was added).

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_1331

The test tubes were provided to allow packing of the gel crystals into close quarters to explore the migration of the colors.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_1334

After making a tube int he suggested pattern, the manual invited us to order a tube in such a way as to create a specific color pattern.
steve spangler water wizardry IMG_1335

The kids had to record observations and make predictions.

steve spangler water wizardry IMG_1413

After a couple days, the tubes looked quite a bit like the predictions.

There were absolutely tons of activities in this box!  A single Spangler Science Club could certainly keep a kid busy for an entire month, given the number of experiments provided.  Our kids had a fabulous time doing this box, and the experiments were structured like actual experiments, requiring the kids to predict, experiment, and observe.  It is a very well thought out box.  The methodical progression of experiments means that you get the very most fun and learning out of the materials provided.

One of the things that we absolutely loved about this box was the parents’ guide. Even parents who don’t know (or think they don’t know) anything about the science behind the experiments will be able to help teach using the information provided, and you’ll have a blast experimenting along with your child.

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