October 2015 Citrus Lane Subscription Box Review & Half-Off Coupon + Citrus Lane Closing

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citrus lane october 2015 box
This is the October 2015 Citrus Lane box for 4 year old boys. Citrus Lane is a subscription box for babies, kids, and toddlers and they usually send GREAT items that are always a hit with my kids! Always high quality toys, books, learning items, snacks, and an occasional gift for mom.

citrus lane october 2015 unboxing

Groovebook Coupon

citrus lane october 2015 IMG_9782

Looks like we’re down to three actual items now…

citrus lane october 2015 review

Everything in our October Citrus Lane.

citrus lane october 2015 IMG_9785

Little Adventures Power Masks ($5.23) As you can see from the photo above this one, it’s reversible! 

citrus lane october 2015 IMG_9787

Mudpuppy Retro Robots Stencils ($9-15 based on similar) These are really fun and my son will love them – he adores stencils, it’s so cute! These are thick, coated chipboard so they should hold up to many uses. I can’t wait to see what he creates with them.

citrus lane october 2015 IMG_9786

He also has some serious robot love, and these will be just right up his alley.

citrus lane october 2015 IMG_9788

Automoblox Mini C9-S Sedan ($9.99) Note that while Amazon lists it as a ridiculous $30 item, this is not the same quality at all. It’s not as well lacquered, the wheels aren’t chromed, etc. And also, most importantly, it doesn’t “go” – the wheels just fall off.

citrus lane october 2015 IMG_9789

Apparently they need their own VIN?


You can disassemble the entire car, but it was very very difficult to take off the front. The car I received definitely didn’t make me want to buy more.

citrus lane october 2015 IMG_9791

Mrs. Meyer’s Basil Dish Soap (50¢) Great for travel.

I received about $31 in value, but this box was disappointing and the quality seems to be diminishing (and quantity, too!).  I was happy about the stencils, but the rest felt uninspired.

I was not surprised to learn that Care.com is closing Citrus Lane. Currently anything besides a month-to-month subscription is unavailable. Care.com bought Citrus Lane for $48.6 million dollars – and I suspected that this subscription wouldn’t last a year after the purchase, so they did make it last much longer than I expected. I am more than certain Citrus Lane was really purchased for its customer list (due to its privacy policy it couldn’t rent or sell the list to Care.com) and not to run the subscription. I really wish that they would sell the subscription business off to someone else that could run it properly. In the meantime, there’s a big hole to fill. It’s more than a little sad – Citrus Lane was one of the first boxes I ever subscribed to!

You can still subscribe to Citrus Lane, but your subscription will end when the company does. That being said, their holiday boxes have usually been pretty great and you can still nab a super great deal on a box of baby or kid items for a low price (and cancel online).

More information about the closure here.

Visit Citrus Lane to find out more about this box or to subscribe!  Get your first box for half off! Use coupon code UNBOX50. Expires 11-08-2015

The Subscription: Citrus Lane
The Description: A box of 4-5 great items per month for your child aged 0-5 years old.
The Price: $29 per month, down to $19 per month on a long subscription
The Coupon: Take 40% off your first box – use promo code SAVE40


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  • Melissa

    Hi! I know this is a totally strange question, but I am looking for that travel sized meyers dish soap container for my camper. Let me know if you still have it and would be willing to mail it to me. 🙂 please dont think im crazy, wish they just had them for sale.

    • Brandy

      HAHAHA no actually I don’t think you’re crazy, because my family RVs. When it’s not 0 degrees I’ll hit up the basement and check!

      • Melissa

        Amazing! let me know if you find it when the weather breaks and of course I can paypal you 🙂

      • Melissa

        Hey again, dont forget about me 🙂 I know its easy to forget about my strange request lol.
        Keep me posted if you have wondered down to the basement now that the weather is nice 🙂

        • Brandy

          i can’t… talk about my basement right now. it’s bad. really bad.

  • Jenny

    So sad that they are closing. This is the box that got me addicted to all sub boxes and while I don’t get it anymore it is sad to see such a large sub close.