Burke Box Whole Home Box October 2015 Subscription Box Review

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burke box october 2015 boxBurke Box’s Whole Home Box is a monthly (or bi-monthly or quarterly – up to you!) subscription box containing a surprise selection of some of their favorite home goods  – from champagne flutes to aprons , desk accessories to throws  – it’s everything you need to keep your home looking freshly styled. You can expect a assortment of 3 to 4 spa products, home accessories, entertaining and serving pieces and or travel accessories every month. I love “home” items in my boxes and it’s just about perfection to get a whole box of stuff for my house every month! The box is $55 and promises $120 of items.


But so sad – this box was the last subscription Burke Box. Good news though – Burke Decor will be curating individual boxes that you can preview the contents of before you purchase.

the BurkeBOX has evolved. stay tuned…

We have received wonderful feedback from our subscriber community since our launch and have decided after careful consideration to reposition our box offer. Starting November 15th, 2015, Burke Decor will discontinue our susbcription boxes and instead offer several curated BurkeBOX styles for sale online. Clients can preview contents in advance of ordering and determine which box is of individual interest and preference prior to ordering. We will offer a variety of boxes at all times, so clients can select their favorites and order in multiple quantities, if desired. All clients who previously subscribed to our BurkeBOX will be notified via email before new BurkeBOXes are released online and get chance to pre-order boxes before they sell out.

I can’t imagine I won’t be using my discount code on one of the new boxes.

burke box october 2015 review

Everything in the October 2015 Burke Box. 

burke box october 2015 IMG_0102

This month again included an information sheet with complete details on each item. This month focused on getting our homes ready for holiday gatherings!

burke box october 2015 IMG_0104

Sir/Madam Revival Dinner Platter ($76) I love the design of this platter and can’t stop thinking about how they show it on top of the grand platter.

The Revival Dinner Service by Sir/Madam is a nod to British decorative educational plates that were gifted to children as rewards of merit in the late nineteenth century. These plates are designed for the entire family and are sturdy enough for every meal – the design is hand-applied under the glaze for added durability.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this showed up in a few food photos on the blog!

burke box october 2015 IMG_0105

burke box october 2015 IMG_0106

Nest Hearth Votive Candle ($14) I’m not sure that I love this scent: “Hearth brings the aroma of a wintertime fire, created by combining rich oud wood with frankincense and hints of smoky embers.”  I have a confession to make – I ended up pitching the Nest hand soap I received in a previous box. I became extremely sensitive to the smell and at one point I made my husband take an entire shower after he’d used it, so it had to go (I know, luxury item abuse, right?).  I’m not sure if I will have the same issues with this, so I’ll probably regift it.

burke box october 2015 IMG_0107

Sagaform Spectra Set of 4 Tumblers ($33.40) Love the colors on these, but once again, the glassware was filthy. I can’t figure out where Burke Decor stores it, but it’s not in a clean place. Good thing it’s washable (and dishwasher safe).

burke box october 2015 IMG_0108

I was really happy with these because they match the color scheme of my kitchen/dining room.

burke box october 2015 IMG_0109

But so dirty! That’s from the inside of the glasses, which were shipping in the plastic container shown above.

I generally liked this box, although I am hoping all the kinks will be completely ironed out in the new curated selections. I’ll be able to avoid scents that I don’t like, the glassware, but hopefully pick up some nice curated selections for my home at a deep discount. I don’t think I would have unsubscribed from this box, but I feel like moving to a gift box model was the right choice.

Visit Burke Box to find out more about their new curated selections!

The Subscription: Burke Box Whole Home
The Description: A surprise selection of some of Burke Decor’s favorite home goods – from champagne flutes to aprons , desk accessories to throws – it’s everything you need to keep your home looking freshly styled. $120 worth of items for $55!
The Price: $55
The Coupon: FYI – Burke Decor coupons don’t work on the subscription.
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  • Sarah

    Hmm, I got this same box but there was no note mentioning the change (I discovered it on their website) and no coupon! I would definitely use the coupon, too, especially with the chance to know exactly what we are getting. I like getting the Home type boxes way too much to abandon BurkeBox entirely.

    • Brandy

      did you get the information sheet?