Marvel Collector Corps August 2015 Review: Secret Wars

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 marvel collector corps secret wars august 2015 box 
Marvel Collector Corps is a bi-monthly subscription from Marvel Comics in partnership with Funko. Every box includes one of four exclusive shirt designs, 1 stylized vinyl collectible, and 2 premium accessories. Boxes are $25 plus shipping and there are no coupons. The box promises $50 in value every box, plus every item is a 100% exclusive item.  At SDCC Funko announced two new boxes – Star Wars (hopefully coming for October) and a DC Comics box – sometime in 2016!

marvel collector corps secret wars august 2015 unboxing

The box has a really great comics design both inside and out.

marvel collector corps secret wars august 2015 IMG_7762
 Every box includes a collector’s patch and pin. This is Falcon and Superior Iron Man.  In the Secret Wars universe, Superior Iron Man is a sort of evil dude with more flaws than usual. I hear that he gets rehabilitated in Invincible Iron Man (post Secret Wars). Comic experts, please do correct me if I’m wrong on anything!

marvel collector corps secret wars august 2015 review Everything in the August 2015 Marvel Collectors Corps box.  The theme was Secret Wars!

marvel collector corps secret wars august 2015 shirt

This is a great shirt featuring 4 characters (as Funko Pop!s) –  Thor, Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Falcon, and Superior Iron-Man (before anyone tells me it’s War Machine, he clearly has his power button).  This series is very complicated and I cannot do it justice so I will direct you to the wikipedia article on Secret Wars!

marvel collector corps secret wars august 2015 IMG_7768

Because the graphic is much larger this month the arm logo is a lot less distracting to me.

marvel collector corps secret wars august 2015 secret wars comic

Secret Wars (2015) #001 with Variant Cover and Bonus Digital Edition ($4.99) This whole mega comic mashup is really new to me and I’m going to be reading this one! This one was bagged, boarded, and sealed – way better than the last box (which had a rumpled comic). While I’m not a comic collector, I think this box absolutely has to have bagged/boarded comics – anything else is just unacceptable.

The final incursion is happening! The Marvel Universe is colliding with the Ultimate Universe, and neither will survive!

marvel collector corps secret wars august 2015 IMG_7770

And now for the Funkos!marvel collector corps secret wars august 2015 funko exclusive thor

Funko Pop! Marvel Collector Corps Thor (Secret Wars) – This is really an amazing figurine with a ton of detail – and all the registration (printing) seems to be spot on. I’m personally a fan of Marvel’s progressive recasting and remaking of their universe and characters and I can’t help but love her!

marvel collector corps secret wars august 2015 funko exclusive spiderman

 Funko Pop! Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man (Miles Morales) I have to say as a more casual (as in mostly movies) Marvel fan, Miles Morales is newish to me, but I’ve heard of the post-Peter Parker Spider-Man and I have to say again that I love Marvel’s approach and willingness to revisit classics in different ways (instead of just ho-hum remakes of the same movie, they change the character!).  I think it keeps things fresh – and you can always revisit classics in different ways. Great figure, great production, excellent!

marvel collector corps secret wars august 2015 IMG_7766

These two figures are the only figures in this series – and they’re exclusive to the box.

This was an amazing box, and I liked it miles more than the previous box, which featured a Pop! and two Mystery Minis instead of 2 Funko Pop figures like this box. It just felt like a higher value and less repetitive. I loved the shirt, the Pop figures, everything in this box was just perfect for the Secret Wars theme – which I might mention is great to have for hardcore collectors!  They set the bar extremely high for future boxes with the August box – I can’t wait to see what comes next. I will post the October Collector Corps spoilers as soon as I have them!

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The Subscription: Marvel Collector Corps
The Description: Marvel Collector Corps is a subscription box designed by Marvel and Funko. Created for the Marvel Collector, each box delivers 100% exclusive premium collectibles, apparel, and accessories direct from the Marvel Universe right to your doorstep.
The Price: $25 per month + shipping


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  • Jason

    I completely agree. I loved the Secret Wars box. I think the Collector Corps boxes provide really great value. I can’t get enough of those Pop! vinyls either!