Honest Company x State Kids Backpacks Review

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honest company backpacks review review

Well back to school season has certainly arrived! Last week Honest Company announced new backpacks – a collaboration with STATE – and I ordered one of each right away!  Unfortunately I don’t think these backpacks are right for our family – read on.

Backpacks are $54.95 – $41.21 for Honest Company bundle subscribers and are available in two colors: Coral and Navy. If you are a new customer, use coupon code GET10 to save $10 off of $25 (but don’t use it on this, add it to the bundle because your savings will be so much more!).

For each backpack made available on Honest.com, a backpack will be hand-delivered to a child in need – filled with school supplies! To me, this is the best thing about this item!

honest company backpacks review back

The backpacks are made with water-resistant polyester canvas and feature adjustable straps. The backpacks are Free of: PVC, latex, brominated flame retardants, polyurethane foams, glues, chlorine processing, phthalates, PBA, BPS & AZO dyes. Also excellent!

honest company backpacks review side

There are velcro side pockets, which will get used exactly once and then whatever is stored in them will be forgotten. (haha if you have kids you know it’s true!) In all seriousness, I don’t know why they spent so much attention on the side pockets, which are also padded. It was fine, but it seemed like a lot of effort was spent on these side pockets.

I didn’t read this before I bought them. Are you kidding me? I really don’t look at all the pictures or read the whole detail page before I buy something.  I probably should, but I don’t. 

honest company backpacks review inside

I wasn’t impressed by the inside at all. It’s pitch black!

honest company backpacks review inner

Note that I adjusted the lighting to illuminate the bag so you can see the details.

honest company backpacks review inner twoThe inside is described as a spacious inner storage compartment that features supply organizers, key clip, iPad® pocket and pencil slots to keep all school supplies (and toys) organized! To me it seemed very adult and not really set up for kids – like they just transplanted the inside of an adult bag to a kids’ bag. What child needs little business card pockets?  The iPad pocket is a nice touch.

honest company backpacks review wearing

The bags are rated as age 3+ years. Obviously backpacks for kids aren’t one size fits all. My daughter is 6.5 and my son is 4.5.  This is an ok size for her – but really too large of a backpack for my son. I didn’t test it out, but it’s obvious that this backpack will hold a folder.  I also wished that the logo label was much less prominent.

honest company backpacks review wearing from front

These bags were basically gigantic fails for me, except for the gorgeous colors (and smiles).  I cannot believe they thought it was ok to produce a kids’ backpack that isn’t machine washable!  That overshadows everything else in my opinion – even those really modern colorways. 

Visit Lands End, LL Bean, or your favorite retailer to buy a reasonably designed and washable backpack.  Pottery Barn Kids has covetable designs, and although not super heavy duty, my daughter’s Gymboree backpack (with rainbow unicorns!) lasted all year. I personally get the most bang for my buck at Gymboree with their rewards program and Gymbucks).

You won’t spend any less money (backpacks are really quite pricey) but you’ll probably find one that’s better designed for children by shopping elsewhere. If you would like to purchase this backpack, you can visit Honest Company.

See all our Honest Company reviews. If you are a new customer, use coupon code GET10 to save $10 off of $25, or grab one of the free Honest Company trials.


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  • soundtek

    I need to know where your daughter’s fox dress came from… so cute!

    • Brandy

      It was JC Penney from last year!

      • soundtek

        it is adorable…. wish I had seen it when it was out… off to look on ebay! thanks!

  • melanie plum

    Another backpack recommendation: Garnet Hill. We bought my daughter’s going into first grade. Finished grade 5 this May and it was still going pretty strong! (We are homeschooling this year so chunked it). And she is HARD on a backpack!

    (I washed it at the end of every school year 🙂 )

    • Brandy

      Wow that is impressive!!

  • angee

    Are you planning on returning them? I would if I were you. They seem pricy even for back to school.

  • jvergin

    Should i admit that I never washed my son’s backpack? It lasted two years too. It probably actually would have lasted longer, but the zipper broke. I don’t think I ever washed mine in college either. I guess I just think of it like a purse or a suitcase???

    • Brandy

      I wash all our backpacks all the time. Am I psycho?? I wipe out the inside of my purses too.

      • jvergin

        I knew you would comment back right away! I wipe out the inside, but that’s about it!! I need to ask Bryan if he’s ever washed his???

          • Jenny

            I haven’t washed Ns backpack either. I wipe out the inside as needed and that’s it. He is going on his second year for this one. I know I never washed my college backpack. Hmm I think it’s still in the closet so I could pull it out and get some good old college dirt. LOL We got Ns backpack at Kohls last year and its a crossbody design. It is huge but he loves it and it has really held up.