Level Up by Loot Crate July 2015 Subscription Box Review

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level up july 2015 box

Level Up  is a new add-on subscription to Loot Crate! Level Up is currently in beta and only available to current Loot Crate subscribers: you must purchase through your Loot Crate account. The box will be themed along with the current Loot Crate theme.

level up july 2015 card

There are 3 options:

  • 2 pairs of themed socks for $9.99
  • 1 or 2 fashion accessories for lady looters (hairbow, cosmetics, jewelry) for $14.99
  • wearable item like a premium shirt or hat for $14.99

level up july 2015 review


I didn’t purchase the socks! Here are the socks that came in the box. They are both from BioWorld and they are socks.


level up july 2015 accessories card

The Accessories Level Up is specifically for women.  There are two items in the July package!

Bioworld Legend of Zelda Viscose Scarf

Bioworld Legend of Zelda Braided cuff Bracelet
level up july 2015 zelda scarf pattern

This scarf has a great metallic Hyrulian crest! It’s top notch and licensed!

level up july 2015 zelda scarf

You can wear it really long.

level up july 2015 zelda infinity scarf

Or wrapped twice. I absolutely love this item!

level up july 2015 bracelet

I actually see this as pretty gender neutral! My husband happily complied with my request and wore it for me.  I may never get it back!

level up july 2015 bracelet on man


level up july 2015 wearable card

Loot Crate Labs Batmanga Raglan Tee

Featuring a vintage bat symbol from Jiro Kuwata’s ’60s Batmanga series, this two-color raglan tee, evoking the Caped Crusader’s own wardrobe, will make your style shine out brighter than the Bat-Signal on a cloudy night in Gotham!

level up july 2015 batmanga shirt

For this first month the shirt is unisex. This is my second fave Loot Crate shirt ever (second to the cat shirt, which can never be beaten).

level up july 2015 batmanga raglan tee

This is obviously a female mannequin and I think we are going to be fighting over this shirt!

Based on the items – I think they’re absolutely worth it if you’re into the theme! I typically value shirts that come in boxes at $15 as a general matter, but this was a nicer quality than most of the shirts that we get (although Loot Crate’s shirts are generally the best quality shirts we receive in geek and nerd subscription boxes). The women’s add-on is a slam dunk. I loved the scarf and the bracelet was great too – although the scarf was really the main draw for me!

Visit Loot Crate if you’d like to subscribe or find out more – remember you must currently be a Loot Crate subscriber to join. If you are already a member, check out your Loot Crate account and you’ll see the Level Up in the top menu bar.

Not a member? Save $3 on any Loot Crate subscription with code SAVE3 or save 10% on a longer subscription plan with promo code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION.

The SubscriptionLevel Up from Loot Crate
The Description: New from Loot Crate: Level Up! Level Up is beta and only available to current Loot Crate subscribers. Level Up Box is a an add-on to your current monthly subscription and there are 3 options with premium, wearable accessories. The box will be themed along with the current Loot Crate theme.
The Price: $20 per month
The Coupon: Save $3 on any Loot Crate subscription with code SAVE3 . Or save 10% with coupon HELLOSUBSCRIPTION !
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  • Anna

    I wish this was available to everyone. These are the type of items i really like in boxes. Im not really into buttons and stickers and posters but these items are awesome. I wish they would sell them in thier own online boutique or something.

  • subscriptionista

    is it too late to level up to get this?

    • Brandy

      for July, yes. For August, no.

      • subscriptionista

        Thanks for the quick reply! I thought the shirt looked super cool!