Bojerky Subscription Box Review – August 2015

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bojerky august 2015 box
is a monthly craft jerky subscription. Every month you’ll receive 3+ounces in a half subscription, or 6+ ounces in a full subscription. Bojerky concentrates on finding the coolest indie jerky and sending them to you (some jerkies aren’t even available online and of course you would pretty much have to pay shipping for all of them). This review is for the full Bojerky subscription.

bojerky august 2015 review

We received 4 flavors in this box! No information sheet this month!  Two selections were from Slantshack — with jerky, coffee, chocolate, and similar gourmet items, I like to occasional have two varieties from the same producer to see if there are similarities that are a result of production processes applicable to all their products (with coffee it’s usually roast preference; with jerky, it’s meat selection, cut, and basic marinade).

bojerky august 2015 IMG_6190
The first two selections represent two very different approaches to jerky.

Bayou Blend File Gumbo Creole Blend Beef Jerky ($3):  This very chewy jerky doesn’t have any actual file in it (unless it is hidden among the “natural flavorings and spices”), but it sure captures the taste of a boudin-laden gumbo topped with file.  Crab boil and clove, thyme, marjoram, and sage add to the usual suspects to replicate the Creole favorite with great accuracy.  There are some artificial ingredients among the long list of ingredients, and the jerky is chopped into small, dense, and chewy pieces — but the flavoring is spot on.

Dave’s Meat & Nuts Root Beer Habanero Moist Beef Jerky ($8):  This is a softer, “moist” beef jerky with all-natural ingredients.  The moisture content is such that refrigeration is suggested after opening.  The big chunks are the size of a 6-stud LEGO or a 3/4″ segment of Twix bar.  The rootbeer extract provides a really enjoyable backdrop to the spicy habanero.  There is some differentiation between batches — I’ve tried this before and found it to be very very spicy, whereas this batch had a much stronger rootbeer flavor and was lighter on the habanero.  I love the texture of this jerky, as it is tender and moist, the outside being almost “glazed” with marinade.

bojerky august 2015 IMG_6188
Slantshack Jerky Spicy RedRub ($8):  The 100% grass-fed beef used by Slantshack results in a chewy and fairly resilient jerky.  This is a good brand for you if you like your jerky lean with a lot of chew (Brandy loved the Slantshack’s texture).  The RedRub has a good dose of Tabasco Sauce among its otherwise well-rounded list of ingredients, giving this selection a nice spicy kick right off the bat.

Slantshack Jerky Vermont Maple Glaze and Garlic Powder ($8):  The texture of this variety is the same as the other Slantshack selection, and, similarly, the jerky was surprisingly free of “stringy” bits (the kind that get stuck in your teeth).  I found this amazing, because this jerky is on the tougher side, and even the most tender meat can create strings.  I think the lack of the unpleasant strings is a result of the chewiness being a product of the lean, high-quality beef, and not a result of an overabundance of connective tissue in the beef used.  The maple in this selection is a nice background note and can be tasted in the finish, but the standout is the potent garlic powder.  If you are a garlic fan, the flavor is really nice.

The four selections offered this month demonstrated the range of textures and flavors one can achieve with beef alone.  Not only are the jerkies tasty, but Bojerky is a nice way to explore and discover your preferred “jerky profile.”

Visit Bojerky to subscribe or find out more, or check out all our Bojerky reviews. See more snack subscriptions in the directory.

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The Description: Bojerky is a subscription to craft jerky. You’re going to get 4+ flavors of jerky each month with a full order and 2+ ounces a month with a half order of the coolest indie jerky from around the US sent straight to you.
The Price: $15 (small) or $30 (large) per month
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  • josh

    its a rip off they never send anything 2 months have gone by and nothing

  • Marilyn (@miscmarilyn)

    So is this a real company? I bought one box as a gift for my husband in mid-September and we have not received anything. I wrote to them and asked for a refund and their response was that they would not provide refunds for pre-paid shipments. We still have not received the October box and I have not heard back from them with a shipping date. I’m feeling pretty ripped off at this point in time.

    • Brandy

      yes, it is. some boxes have a long lead time to start the subscription, i am not 100% sure about bojerky. i suggest writing back and asking when your first box is to arrive, that you subscribed in september and hadn’t received anything. i suspect that you may have just missed the cut-off, but i don’t really know. did you receive any shipping notices?

      • Marilyn (@miscmarilyn)

        They have not responded to my request of when it will be shipped. I’m pretty disappointed.